Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Recorded June 17, 2022 Archived June 17, 2022 33:32 minutes
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Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

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JH looks back on his childhood in Montana.
JH talks about cattle-ranching.
JH shares stories from the time he spent bison ranching.
JH discusses how the agriculture industry has changed during his lifetime.
JH looks back on his rodeo career.
JH shares what being a cowboy means to him.
JH talks about the history of his land and of the land that is now designated as Dixon, Montana.
JH tells the story of the time sheep collapsed a bridge near his elementary school.
JH describes the first time he killed a bull elk.
JH and JS remember how they met.


  • Jerry Hamel
  • Julia Sherman

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Missoula Public Library

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