Jesse'ca Palmer and Ian Gonzalez

Recorded August 8, 2023 Archived August 8, 2023 43:30 minutes
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Jesse'ca Palmer (22) sits down with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez to speak about her experience as a young woman embarking on her military career. Jesse'ca reflects on her reasons for joining the military, the highs and lows of basic training, and her hopes for the future.

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Jesse’ca Palmer (J) reflects on growing up in a small rural town in Georgia.
J recalls when she began recognized she hardships her family was experiencing.
J explains how she got involved in the military through JROTC.
J speaks about enjoying her first semester of college before beginning basic training.
J remembers an ROTC battalion run in college that helped her conquer her fears.
J describes basic training as “hell on earth”.
J talks about her best friend, who she met during basic training, and how it feels to be a godmother.
J recalls how she met her current boyfriend at the National Guard Armory.
J explains why she never wanted to date a military guy.
J says she is now “living her best life” and speaks about her hopes for the future.


  • Jesse'ca Palmer
  • Ian Gonzalez

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