Jodean Waters and Allan Anderson

Recorded May 15, 2023 Archived May 15, 2023 37:38 minutes
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Allan Anderson (63) interviews his mother Jodean Water (83) about her marriages, her friendships, and her family.

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Jodean (J) recalls marrying her husband in New Mexico because she was underage.
J tells Allan (A) about her experience as a barrel racer. She talks about her horse Dixie.
J says her grandmother was a nurse who sometimes lived with her growing up. J tells A about her grandparents, parents, and step-parents.
J recounts how she met A's dad.
J reflects on her friendships from high school.
J describes what it was like to meet her husband's family. J and A recall how their family spent the day of a big storm.
J speaks about her relationship with her brother, who served in Vietnam three times.
J and A say not many people in their family stay married.
J says she has never regretted having her kids, even though she was a young mother.
J shares the advice she would like to pass on to her grandchildren. She defines what happiness and success mean to her.
J and A share closing thoughts.


  • Jodean Waters
  • Allan Anderson

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Cache County Courthouse

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