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A dry year scares you to death; a wet year starves you to death. The short answer is, there is no typical year in farming. It’s a year of hard work and hope. Joe explains the economics of making ends meet on a small family farm.

He learned almost all of what he knows from his dad and reading books. We go way back, as Joe remembers the Indians signing a treaty with the US government, Jeanette’s market testing of the first set of pantyhose, all the way up to Christmas morning, 1972, when a train wreck spilled oil into the fields and streams on their property.

Joe also talks about his time on the Agricultural Soil Conservation committee with John Gill and john Synder.


  • Lisa Polay
  • Sue Sachar (nee Sauer)
  • Jeanette Sauer
  • Joe Sauer
  • Stories of Saugerties

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