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Joe's great-grandfather Thomas landed at Ellis Island and asked where a good place to live would be. And naturally, they sent him to Saugerties. Thomas settled in Glenerie where Joe's grandfather John was born. John married Annie, who ran Annie's Tea Room, on the corner of Market and Main, serving workers building the Ashokan Reservoir.

Joe was born on Partition Street in 1926 and grew up during the Depression on Washington Avenue, His parents ran a boarding house and there Joe met a boarder who would unknowingly make a very big impact on a small boy, pointing him in the direction of his future.

Joe paints a vivid picture of the village and its inhabitants in 1930s and 40s Saugerties. His dad was the first customer at Montano's Shoe store! Time really does fly.


  • Lisa Polay
  • Joe Sinnott
  • Stories of Saugerties

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