Joel Ames and Perry Hoskins

Recorded August 17, 2023 Archived August 17, 2023 52:32 minutes
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One Small Step partners Joel Ames (67) and Perry Hoskins (64) have a conversation about their time in the military, religion, and their upbringings.

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Perry Hoskins talks about why he decided to participate with One Small Step.
Joel Ames discusses what brought him to One Small Step.
Perry discusses traveling the world and his military service.
Perry describes his childhood.
Joel and Perry discuss gun ownership.
Perry discusses his job of working with veterans in the mental health field.
Joel talks about his passion for hunting and fishing.
Joel moves the conversation to religion and the Old Testament of the Bible.
Perry brings up the maga movement and questions the relationship between politics and religion.


  • Joel Ames
  • Perry Hoskins

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