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I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters bugging, liberation of the sixties, free dance, my coming out as lesbian at 50, finding my authentic self through the human potential movement, the west coast spiritual revolution, my work as RN with AIDS, my contribution in changing way we die,how a chance meeting wth mother Teresa changed my life, all woven together with an element of joy,rising out of adversity into true self understanding and acceptance, with on going service to others, a mid wife of sorts in the last hours of life.Amazing that at this age, 83, I have such joy filled, profound life


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  • Cassandra Carolyn Stevens Memsic Tait Christenson

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