Julia Hoffman and Carson Giocondo

Recorded October 27, 2023 Archived October 27, 2023 43:49 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Julia Hoffman (21) and Carson Giocondo (21) discuss their changing beliefs, familial connections and parental expectation, their college experiences, and their hopes for their futures.

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Carson Giocondo talks about being born in Malaysia, moving to the United States when he was 3 1/2 years old and the affect this had on him. He talks about feeling in between the beliefs of his parents.
Julia Hoffman talks about her beliefs growing up and how they changed.
Carson talks about Asian representation.
Carson and Julia talk about the effect of COVID on their college experience.
Carson and Julia talk about their faith backgrounds, current beliefs and organized religion.
Julia shares a story about a moment when her faith beliefs started to change. She continues into the affect of losing people close to her.
Carson talks about the view of mental health in Asian culture.
Julia and Carson talk about parental expectations of them.
Julia talks about her professional goals as a teacher and Carson his interest in Environmental Science. They talk about their Career goals.


  • Julia Hoffman
  • Carson Giocondo

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