Julian Xeer and Nandani Bharrat

Recorded July 7, 2023 Archived July 7, 2023 42:47 minutes
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Romantic partners Julian Xeer (33) and Nandani Bharrat (36) discuss their childhoods and families, as well as their struggles and hopes for their artistic creations and expressions.

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Julian (J) talks about being a kid, liking to draw, tell stories and making cutout toys from their imagination of alternative rock people of color. Nandani (N) talks about connecting with their inner child.
J talks about what ended up discouraging them from pursuing artistic passions.
N talks about pressures of survival mentality and needing a career that pays for them and their parents, but also reflects on how far they have come.
J talks about not growing up with a positive representations of what a black, bisexual, masculine person should be. They saw those things as threats to their future rather than something they could build a future on.
N talks about lack of accessibility to money making parts of art but still encourages J to make art even if it doesn't make them money.
N shares how supportive J is for their artistic endeavors but how he becomes smaller when sharing his artistic ideas.
J talks about the veneer of anti capitalism in some creatives work while they also have a story of benefitting from deep financial privilege.
Both participants check in on each other and share the current sadness and struggle that they are feeling, but also the presence of hope.


  • Julian Xeer
  • Nandani Bharrat

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Hauser & Wirth Gallery

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