Julie Gee and Cecilia Lucero

Recorded May 10, 2023 Archived May 10, 2023 52:16 minutes
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One Small Step partners Cecilia Lucero (61) and Julie Gee (56) discuss immigration, cancel culture, and concerns about the government.

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Cecilia Lucero (CL) and Julie Gee (JG) share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Both partners describe where they grew up.
Both partners share some of the places they have traveled.
CL describes how her family immigrated to the United States and the emphasis her family placed on education.
JG describes how she became a nurse practitioner and her experience being a woman in a "man's world."
Both partners discuss their children, specifically raising boys.
Both partners share their religious backgrounds.
Both partners describe some of their political values as well as some of their skepticism towards the government.
Both partners share their views on cancel culture.
Both partners share their concerns around immigration law.
Both partners share their views regarding misgendering and pronouns.
Both partners share what they will take from this experience.


  • Julie Gee
  • Cecilia Lucero

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