Jverson Jenkins and Nancy Zook

Recorded June 16, 2021 Archived June 16, 2021 23:16 minutes
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Jverson Jenkins (19) talks to his former teacher, Nancy Zook (55), about high school at CCA Academy, his first year of college during the COVID-19 Pandemic, his family, and his hopes for his future.

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JJ talks about his mentor.
JJ talks about working on the "Douglass 18" mini golf course at Douglass Park.
JJ talks about how he's changed.
JJ talks about his family.
JJ talks about having a family of his own soon.
JJ talks about working with Ms. Zook with bees, and making the speakers for the I Am Project.


  • Jverson Jenkins
  • Nancy Zook

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00:00 My name is Jefferson Jenkins. My name is Jefferson Jenkins.

00:08 My age, I might see today's date is June 16th 2021. The location. The location is CCA Academy, Chicago, Illinois.

00:23 My name of the party is Miss up, and that's my teacher.

00:29 Okay, my name is Nancy. Zook. I am 55. It is June 16th 2021. I'm in Chicago, Illinois at CCA Academy in North. Lawndale. Jefferson is my partner and he is a former student and graduate from our high school as of last year.

00:54 Soaked. Jverson.

00:58 Cool.

01:00 Is the most important person in your life. And why who has been to the most important person in my life is I would have said, no, because she been there since since high school days.

01:21 I was struggling and he always, he always did that for me will give me positive positive things to do.

01:33 What's something that your Mentor? Always tells you that helped to inspire you?

01:39 Don't do nothing bad.

01:43 My mental always tell me like to stay focused.

01:49 I'm getting to the no travel. Tell me just stay in school.

01:59 You just finished although it was colder than here. I know. But you just finished your first year of college. What is that? Feel like?

02:12 I said, okay, but do and damn it ain't really experienced a lot of things like how I really wanted when I first got it went off to college. So hopefully this August I can spend everything.

02:29 College.

02:34 What do you want to do? When you graduate college? What I want to do? When I graduate college is?

02:42 Yes, I want to like, Grandma on business. I love to cook. I want to be a chef basic, like I want to make my own business.

02:52 That's great.

02:55 Is there anyone that has inspired you or what? How did you decide that? That's what you wanted to do?

03:06 That is fine with me. I think I don't think nobody spiders. That's what I want to do.

03:15 Old Town who taught me how to cook it is. I say my

03:21 I say my, my family because I washed them how to cook when I run up. I just be in the kitchen. Just cooking.

03:31 What's your favorite food that you like to cook?

03:34 My favorite food me. I like to do like Sundays than a fight.

03:40 Do some cash on the Sunday. It be like macaroni cornbread candy yams.

03:48 Chicken neck bones or whatever some decent.

03:55 What is?

03:57 Something that sticks with you about your experience in high school.

04:04 Something that stick with me through high school that I never gave up.

04:10 I believe Masa.

04:15 I know when you were in high school you were in a lot of activities and organizations. Do you have a favorite memory or something? That you work, all about? All of those projects and community activities that you participated in is working with Douglas 18 with the mini golf courses this summer? It should be open.

04:42 A couple more months.

04:45 Hopefully, I can't attend event cuz I really work hard and many golf courses. You want to take them. I am statements about yourself now.

05:04 I am strong.

05:06 I am a leader. I am confident.

05:11 I am a sophomore in college.

05:16 I am helpful.

05:23 I am grateful.

05:25 I am responsible.

05:30 I am thankful.

05:35 I am a spring spring-trap.

05:45 I am a spy aspiring chef.

05:53 I am confidence.

05:57 Confidence.

06:00 It's, it's

06:03 I have confidence. I am confident. You can say it again.

06:16 I am.

06:22 Miss it.

06:23 I am smiling.

06:28 Why? When I'm proud, I'm proud of myself is.

06:34 Like I say I have changed over the years like what I've been through, I changed my mama died last 2 years ago.

06:49 Say I changed. I got my high school diploma.

06:58 Where do you see yourself five years from now? I see myself a years ago.

07:06 Probably be playing football in the NFL.

07:10 Or a my own business. Will I be rich?

07:20 What's the most important thing in your life right now?

07:24 The most important thing is in my life is

07:28 The quest is everything my family.

07:33 CCA staff members.

07:38 And I see College.

07:45 How did my mom change, change me? Know? How did you my pass change? I say, how did I change? I start moving different. I start like doing things, like good things went out to school.

08:06 I just say I won my way.

08:09 But I know she look, I know she proud of me. I know that much.

08:15 Very much.

08:18 Your mom were here. How would she describe you?

08:22 She was just my mom was here. She described me as a

08:27 Grayson.

08:36 How would your friends describe you?

08:39 My friend.

08:42 A great person.

08:47 I have my friends going to describe me.

08:51 They see me being a leader or somebody down. They can call on me or if they need to talk. I'm now.

09:05 What makes you?

09:09 What was I like when I was little kid, when I was looking at, I see, I was back. I was real bad, but I had changed since I got older.

09:22 Am I bad? I'm on.

09:26 What makes you happy? What's make me? Happy is?

09:33 I will say.

09:35 Family.

09:37 CCA Styles, and my girlfriend.

09:44 Whatever. Take me is.

09:49 Well, when somebody think they know something or they think,

09:54 Yeah, I'm somebody think they know something to be everything me. Like, you don't know what you're talkin about. That's everything to me.

10:02 Very much.

10:06 Do you want to add some more? I am statements?

10:10 Are you sure?

10:23 Happy. I am.

10:28 Houston.

10:31 I am a future future Chef. I am a good cooker. I am good playing football.

10:43 I am a lot of things so I can be.

10:48 I am son, right?

10:53 I am the youngest.

10:59 V, I am a brother.

11:03 I am.

11:22 If there's something you could change in the world, what would it be? It would be like she. She was too far. She stayed in Mississippi. I wish she was in Chicago with us. That's one thing. I will bring home to Mama.

12:01 What would I change about Chicago? I say, like the gun by this. Like,

12:08 I'm the type of person might go out there and protest to stop the violence. Stop killing kids.

12:15 No. The violence.

12:18 Keep the violence off the tree.

12:23 What do you like about North Lawndale about your neighborhood? Like it look pictures. You see on the right lights.

12:39 That's what I like about. You ain't bad and good but it's okay. It's alright.

12:48 What's your favorite childhood memory? That you have?

12:52 Childhood memory.

12:57 Childhood memory.

13:02 I was in school being bad.

13:07 What's something that happened to you? Or something that you did? Can you be specific about? Like, I usually get in trouble. I used to like, do crayons across the table. Throwing my people. First the teacher out.

13:21 This man is no ass hole. I'm sorry.

13:38 Tell me about your family.

13:42 My family.

13:46 So is five my mama got five kids. She got four boys one girl.

13:55 And then my daddy side.

14:00 It's a lot of Oz.

14:02 I don't know how many I just don't know. But yeah.

14:07 We are the three little ones right now and my brother my sister and me we don't stay what I did it no more. We all kind of split up right now. So we all moving different.

14:24 Who in your family? Are you closest to?

14:28 Find me a close to right now is my uncle so that's why I be at most of time everyday.

14:40 What kinds of things do you like to do when you are with your family or what kind of things do you do? Go to fill with my little cousin and play football with other people. And also I like to cook with my uncle.

14:59 Barbecue. Just have fun. Go to my granny house and chill with other family members.

15:08 Be around my lip cuz they make me happy.

15:16 Why are my hopes for the future is? What's my hoes be in the future?

15:25 The question.

15:31 I want to be rich.

15:34 Like my own house at like 10 cars.

15:40 Rich, no problem or, you know,

15:45 I'll be rich, make my family like, you know.

16:02 What do you most afraid of?

16:06 Or so afraid of.

16:09 Sometimes afraid to die. And then Six Flags roller coaster. I'm scared of heights Heights.

16:19 And swimming. I don't know how to spell no more.

16:23 So since I was little, I knew I was trouble when I got older, I don't do stuff like I do when I was little kid like this, stop doing things.

16:40 What's something you really like doing?

16:43 I'm I really like going is working.

16:48 Like to get money.

16:52 We should know that.

17:01 I am.

17:04 I need to write some stuff that I am someone who

17:13 Cut.

17:16 Okay, wait, I'm going to ask you something else before him.

17:20 Now, I can't remember what I was going to say.

17:25 What makes you a good friend?

17:27 Let's make me a good friend is like.

17:32 Being there for somebody who really need like to talk. If I see somebody down. I'll come talk to them.

17:40 Make them happy. Put a smile on your face.

17:43 Disengage encourage who I am.

17:49 I am engaged.

17:54 Cheap real quick.

18:10 I know that you have or you're going to have your own family, right? Really soon. Feel like what is that? What do you think about that? When I feel like

18:28 Kind of nervous, but kind of Happy.

18:32 At the same time.

18:36 About having a family, a little one on the way.

18:41 What's something that you want your your future little one to know about you?

18:52 Navigate walk hard worker, a good person.

19:01 The parts.

19:06 Going to add those to your, I am.

19:12 I am a future father.

19:18 I am thankful for my family.

19:22 I am blessed.

19:35 I am a future husband.

19:39 I am.

19:48 I am grateful for my talents.

20:03 What's something that you want to say to people, right? Like this interview? Who knows when to listen to it or part of his general advice, something that you want to say to the world about you or about life or about something about me is

20:26 MP, that was something that you would want people to know, or want people to think about. Not just about you maybe just about life in general. But if you had the stage, right and the attention of the world, what would you tell them?

20:44 What? I will tell him about me or anything is I'm a, I'm a good kid. I'll bring a lot of happiness.

20:54 The table.

20:59 Are you happy? Very happy. Very, very happy.

21:17 I'm really bad asking questions today.

21:23 Anything else?

21:25 Again, I'm going to let you want to say about you about family about, you know, yeah. What if some of your talents?

21:36 Sunmart.

21:41 What are some? My tablet is?

21:45 Cooking playing football.

21:55 Playing the game.

21:57 Helping others.

22:05 That's what's up. Favorite something a project or something that you worked on when you were in school that you always remember. That was really, really great thing to be a high school. Favorite part that I love working was is

22:25 Is what you with the bees going to be. I did a lot of active activities.

22:38 What do speakers? I love making making the speakers?

22:49 That's what I thought. That was fun projects that got you out of school.

23:01 All right.

23:03 I think they are.

23:09 Adele New Amsterdam.