Kaleilani Grant and Nicole Farmer

Recorded June 11, 2021 Archived June 10, 2021 38:31 minutes
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Kaleilani Grant (38) talks to her best friend, Nicole Farmer (39), about her faith in God through many life obstacles. She talks about the period of life that she was forced into sex work and talks about how she is an advocate for the community now and continues to center her faith in her work.

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KG talks about being welcomed by her church in Honolulu after her trafficking situation. She remembers meeting NF and bonding over their faith.
KG talks about how being a survivor allows her to connect with other survivors.
KG talks about her upbringing and her divorce and talks about starting a new relationship with a man who later forced her into sex work. She discusses the abuse she suffered from him which landed her in the hospital several times.
KG talks about her healing process and the way it reinforced her faith in God.
KG talks about how she was recovered from her trafficking situation.
KG talks about missing children who are often written off as runaways. She talks about her work and involvement in trying to help these children.
NF talks about how KG brings prayer into her work, and KG discusses the power of prayer.
KG talks about the consistency of the love of God in her life.


  • Kaleilani Grant
  • Nicole Farmer

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