Karen Roberts and Glenda Valentine

Recorded May 1, 2023 Archived May 1, 2023 47:40 minutes
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One Small Step partners Glenda Valentina (75) and Karen Roberts (66) sit down and have a conversation about bullying, gun violence, and several other issuance that impact many in todays society.

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Glenda Valentina (GV) and Karen Roberts (KR)[P1] discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
KR talks about how her grandmother impacted her life.
GV Reveals that her fathers beliefs of self reliance helped shape her own personal views.
GV Talks about her personal political views and why she believes this way.
KR talks about the recent events Uvalde, TX and how it impacted her and her community.
KR transitions the conversation to capitalism and says she believes the capitalism needs to start having a conscious.
KR and GV connector how they believe that people have become divided, backed by a bullying mindset.
GV talks on her belief of accessibility to guns is a major contributor to gun violence in schools.
KR talks about school safety and how they need to be more secure to keep children safe.
GV talks about her personal feeling of having to be on alert when she is out in public, due to fear of an active shooter event.
KR talks about mental health and how their should be greater effort in getting people help.
KR talks about her experience having a son who is apart of the LGBTQ+ community.
GV brings up her dislike for how she feels that individuals are lumped together due to their political beliefs.
GV and KR discuss that they were not who they expected the other person to be before participating in One Small Step.


  • Karen Roberts
  • Glenda Valentine

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