Kasey Madden and Brian McGill

Recorded August 21, 2023 Archived August 21, 2023 48:17 minutes
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Kasey Madden (35) and Brian McGill (50) find commonality from opposite coasts, sharing similar feelings on being raised Catholic and moving away from organized religion, community service, worries about societal and political divisiveness, safety for women and trans people and their hopes for the future.

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Kasey Madden and Brian McGill share their concerns around the divisiveness in our society and how each wants to a part of the solution.
Kasey shares that being yelled at is a stressor for her, and having her eyes opened through world travel is her comfort zone. Brian says he's stressed when his friends make insensitive jokes about gay or trans people. As a parent he worries. Socializing brings him joy.
Kasey and Brian don't follow organized religion, but as a recovering alcoholic, Brian does believe in a power greater than himself. They share similar experience of growing up Catholic and moving away from the church, moments of guilt, though Brian gives himself permission to change his beliefs as need be.
Brian shares that his sense of patriotism is connected to his service as an AA Sponsor. Both Brian and Kasey share a respect for the military and police personnel, but it's not unconditional, and they hate the political propaganda regarding these agencies.
They talk about where people get their information and what they believe. They share how mixed some folks are and how you can't make assumptions.
They both share feeling inspired by Obama's focus on helping people. They both feel the society got darker after Trump was elected. Kasey has considered moving to Canada and Brian has considered retreating to a cabin in the woods.
Brian shares his concern that the voting system is rigged.
Kasey shares her concerns about safety as a woman. Brian shares his fears for the safety of his college-aged daughters, one of whom is trans. Kasey talks about supporting her trans niece.
Brian and Kasey reflect upon the assumptions people have made about them based upon the way they look.
What they will both take away from the conversation is that they presumed they'd meet someone who thinks the opposite, but they met someone who thinks so similarly to themselves.


  • Kasey Madden
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