Katie Hall, Angela Douglass, and Malika Top

Recorded January 13, 2021 Archived January 12, 2021 46:37 minutes
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Katie Hall (58) speaks with her mentees and friends Angela Douglass (19) and Malika Top (17) about their involvement in the Posse Foundation Scholarship program, their favorite memories of school at Wellesley College, and their views on climate change and politics.

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KH asks AD and MT to describe the Posse Scholarship. AD and MT speak about being from underrepresented communities and qualifying for the scholarship.
MT describes the interview process for the Posse Scholarship.
AD reflects on how she selected Wellesley college with the help of a mentor from a program called Emerge. MT speaks about always wanting to attend a Historically Women’s College and recalls visiting the campus with an upper-level student.
AD shares one of her first memories of wandering Wellesley at 3AM. MT remembers setting up to watch a meteor shower from the campus with a friend.
KH asks AD and MT about their environmental science courses at Wellesley and their thoughts on climate change. AD speaks about the scientific community historically ignoring and rejecting Indigenous knowledge on these topics.
MT speaks about being a fan of David Attenborough and having a recent documentary series open her eyes to climate issues related to corporate environmental impact. AT reflects on people ignoring the environmental impacts of their professions and shares her interest in the Geoengineering field.
KH asks AD and MT to reflect on the the 2020 Presidential Election and the tense anticipation felt by everyone on campus. MT notes some felt that they were “settling” on Biden and had fears of retaliation.
They discuss the upcoming inauguration of President Joe Biden and share their fears. MT speaks about trying to explain her fears of political violence to her mother while dealing with a language barrier. AD remembers hearing about the Capitol Breach on January 6th, 2021.
KH speaks about her role as a Posse mentor and reflects on her love for the students. AD and MT share their hopes for the future.


  • Katie Hall
  • Angela Douglass
  • Malika Top

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