Kelly O'Neal, William Hulsey, and Franklin Hulsey

Recorded July 29, 2023 Archived July 29, 2023 46:33 minutes
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Brothers Franklin Hulsey (79) and William "Daniel" Hulsey (76) speak with Kelly O'Neal (55), their niece and daughter respectively, about growing up in the 1950s.

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Kelly explains that her Dad has always been her hero. He married her mom with four children at age 23.
Kelly asks Franklin about his youth.
Franklin says he doesn't remember how/when they figured out he was blind.
Daniel says keeping up with his brother was a pleasure because he was so interesting.
Franklin tells Kelly that he never realized he was different and didn't accept that blindness was a handicap.
The brothers bought a car for $125 dollars. Franklin had a job working at a snack bar/stand. His check was $125.00, so they bought the car. Franklin drove the car with William's assistance on dirt roads.
Kelly speaks about the limited services available to a family with a blind child.
Franklin speaks about his eight children and three great-grandchildren.
Daniel tells the story of the one time Franklin got mad at him.
Franklin was a Boy Scout and speaks about the "Order of the Arrow," where scouts are left in the woods at dusk and picked up at dawn. Franklin won other merit badges but remembered the "Order of the Arrow."


  • Kelly O'Neal
  • William Hulsey
  • Franklin Hulsey

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