Kesha Ram Hinsdale and Alexander MacGillivray

Recorded August 14, 2023 Archived August 14, 2023 50:30 minutes
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An One Small Step reunion Conversation between Kesha Ram Hiinsdale (37) and Alexander MacGillivray (35).

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Kesha Ram Hiinsdale and Alexander MacGillivray discuss if their original biography from 2021 is still relevant.
They discuss the flood in Vermont.
They update each other on their career changes and job updates.
Kesha was asked how politics affects her job.
What do you think of presidential election candidates?
They discuss nuclear power in Vermont.
They talk about power systems in Vermont.
Where are we getting materials for electric cars?
Identity politics and environmental issues in politics.
Kesha what advice would you tell your past self coming into political office knowing what you know now?
Do you have a different opinion from the last time about your hopes for the future?


  • Kesha Ram Hinsdale
  • Alexander MacGillivray

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