Khin Oo and Ratree Ratdachot

Recorded July 11, 2023 Archived July 11, 2023 43:51 minutes
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Conversation partners Khin Oo (21) and Ratree Ratdachot (67) talk about Ratree's childhood in Thailand, moving to Queens and starting a business in Elmhurst, NY. They also discuss the importance of having an official Little Thailand in NYC and how Ratree's business has helped shape community in Queens.

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Ratree Ratdachot (R) talks about immigrating to the United States in 2000, and what led her to open up her own grocery business in Queens.
R talks about how proud she was when Little Thailand got its official designation in Elmhurst and what makes her most happy to sell in her store.
R shares how she has built community and Khin Oo (K) shares what Thai food makes her feel like she is home.
R talks about her childhood and where she grew up in Thailand and what brought her to cooking.
R shares what her store means to her community and why it's important for her to give to those who are hungry.
R shares what she wants for the future of Little Thailand and for the next generation of Thai people in Elmhurst.


  • Khin Oo
  • Ratree Ratdachot

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Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram

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