Kiplyn Primus and Leona Barr-Davenport

Recorded July 9, 2022 Archived July 9, 2022 49:59 minutes
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Kiplyn Primus (60) speaks with Leona Barr-Davenport (64) about her life and career. Leona talks about being born in South Carolina and her success in business as a leader.

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LBD explains that she was born in Hemingway, SC, and grew up in Johnsonville, SC
LBD speaks about living on a farm and her mother's process of milking the cows
LBD talks about going to church and walking four miles to the church
Luther Rufus Barr was a sharecropper and farmer. Her mother, Mary Leona Barr, was a housewife who sold butter and other food items.
LBD shares that they were kept out of school when the crops had to be picked
LBD started first grade at age five. She speaks about the administrator's words about her being able to succeed.
LBD says that her older sisters got scholarships to Allen University - One sister went to the OIC in Philadelphia.
LBD attended Benedict College, where she majored in Economics
LBD speaks about moving to Atlanta and living with a leader of her sorority in Atlanta while looking for a job.
LBD talks about the Atlanta Business League and the business community leaders that she got to work with. She began to lead the organization.
LBD worked to ensure that the Atlanta Business League could survive without grants.
LBD speaks about Dean Edward Davis at the Clark Atlanta School of Business, who offered her a scholarship for graduate school.
LBD speaks about the advocates that were always a part of her life.


  • Kiplyn Primus
  • Leona Barr-Davenport

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