Kris Robertson and Ian Campbell

Recorded September 25, 2023 Archived September 25, 2023 50:58 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Ian Campbell (27) and Kris Robertson (59) take an hour to discuss their multi-regional experience with America and how it has shaped their faith and political perspective.

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Kris Robertson and Ian Campbell discuss how politics have effected their family & friend relationships.
Kris discusses his experience leading his religious congregation for a period of time.
Ian briefly discusses giving his first sermon, which he delivered recently.
The pair discuss the differences between east and west Wichita.
The pair discuss a particular Mulberry tree in Wichita worth visiting.
Ian discusses his evolution with paying attention to local and national news.
Ian and Kris share what topics they’d want to discuss if they had another hour with each other.


  • Kris Robertson
  • Ian Campbell

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