Larry Lucero and Kim Phox

Recorded July 19, 2023 Archived July 19, 2023 52:23 minutes
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One Small Step partners Larry Lucero (41) and Kim Phox (56) discuss their views on immigration, abortion, climate change, and more.

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Larry Lucero and Kim Phox share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Larry and Kim talk about their lives growing up.
Larry discusses how he moved his family from Colorado to Kansas due to Colorado's laws regarding access to his children's medical records.
Kim shares how her political beliefs shifted to the left after she married a Black man.
Larry shares why he considers Joe Biden a "racist."
Larry and Kim share how they developed their views about abortion.
Larry describes more of the "harmful left policies" that led him to relocate his family.
Larry and Kim describe their views on recycling and other environmental policies.
Larry and Kim discuss issues around immigration at the United States' southern border.
Kim shares the reasons she sees herself as "privileged."
Larry and Kim share the ways they disagree with their own political parties.
Larry and Kim share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Larry Lucero
  • Kim Phox

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