Laura Barrett and Janet Velenovsky

Recorded June 5, 2023 Archived June 5, 2023 52:46 minutes
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Laura Barret (35) and Janet Velenovsky (62) sit down for a conversation about the political divide within the United States and their childhoods.

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Janet and Laura sidcuss why they decided to partcipate in One Small Step.
Laura talks about a tragic experience that changed her life.
Janet and Laura discuss how the Covid - 19 Pandemic effected their lives.
Laura talks about her ubringing and events during her childhood that shaped her as a person.
Janet discusses what her life was like growing up in a stress filled household.
Janet and Laura discuss their beliefs around social media.
Laura presents her beliefs policts describing it in the way of tribalism and a ego driven belief culture.
Janet leans on the ideas and hopes of opening up the dialogue and for people to start really listening.
Janet opens up about her recent struggle with grief.
Janet and Laura connect over their love for animals.


  • Laura Barrett
  • Janet Velenovsky

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