Laura DeGrande and Israel Gonzalez

Recorded December 16, 2019 Archived December 16, 2019 33:15 minutes
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Mother Laura DeGrande (35) and her son Israel Gonzalez (17) discuss their respective upbringings, favorite memories and hopes for the future.

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LD congratulates IG on his success at school.
LD asks IG what his favorite memories of them together are.
LD describes the difficulties she's had being a single mother.
LD and IG discuss being at the same college together.
IG discusses his upbringing.
IG asks LD who her biggest influences in her life are.
LD offers wisdom to her descendants.
IG discusses how he wants to be remembered.
IG asks LD what her favorite foods are.


  • Laura DeGrande
  • Israel Gonzalez

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Yuma Art Center


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00:04 Hi, this is Laura and I'm 35 years old. Today is Monday December 16th, 2019 wearing Yuma Arizona and I will be interviewing Izzy. Is there a Gonzalez? I'm his mom. He's my son.

00:23 My name is Israel Gonzalez. I'm 17 years old. It is Monday December 16th 2019. We are in Yuma Arizona name of my interview partner is Florida Grande. She is my mother.

00:38 Play I just want to start buying.

00:43 I'm getting emotional on same things.

00:53 Thank you.

00:56 Funny, yeah.

01:00 Thanks for doing this. Thanks for taking time out. I know you're working today in.

01:06 Congratulations on passing English 101. Thank you. Thank you.

01:12 It's been a busy year of this is Master with school and everything. So

01:21 Just want to let you know I'm proud of you for everything you've done and

01:25 Back me up and everything.

01:32 Crystal questions

01:37 What's your favorite memory of me?

01:40 Going through some pictures to me and

01:45 I think some of the favorite memories are just doing things with you as a single. Mom for many years. We got to do a lot of things together. Dodger games and I don't know how I did it by God's grace. I really don't know. How was it 5 hours driving time.

02:09 The guy had not only that but you know, making sure everything was paid and and doing those trips at least once a year and time making sure the family stayed close, you know going to LA from here connecting that's always been meaningful. So I think some of my favorite memories in life include you is include just being a girl into the man that you've become and the respect.

02:43 The Sass that you have the attitude that you could bring when you know, you're right. I'm just that will power now to keep it real and to keep it.

02:56 And to keep it you and I love that about you. So yeah, what's your favorite memory of you of us of life?

03:07 L&T share some pictures with you

03:10 Probably going to be one memory, but definitely out of town whenever I road trips together definitely family time many holidays and

03:21 Yeah, I think they'll go on forever. Your wedding night was awesome the barn concert. I mean it's been amazing. It's been coverings after coverings God's just been blessing us. So yeah, I guess I'm so emotional cuz I think about who's going to listen to this and

03:46 If

03:48 I'm going to have the privilege of having your kids and your grandkids. Listen to this long after I'm gone, you know, I'm 35 u-17 seeing you.

04:00 At your age I was having you.

04:03 I was having you and I'm just so proud of who you are becoming and I'm so proud that I get to be your mom that I get to see you that I get to experience the good and the not-so-good.

04:20 See you struggle. So you telling your two cars?

04:25 See you having all these Ambitions and I mean, it's just been amazing. So.

04:31 Sorry if it's a little too much right now. Okay, so

04:39 What has been one of these struggles that you stink.

04:43 That you want to continue over coming or not or be better?

04:52 Closer Closer with traveling clothes with God get my

04:57 Stuck together

05:00 Are your beer doing it you're doing it with?

05:04 Doing collagen in high school. I think I'm so proud of you. It's been amazing to see him.

05:14 Lexi

05:19 What does the future hold for you is he too old for me is on one of your very big person. I'm going to something's going to happen God's will is going to happen and I feel like he's going to be able to provide he's going to be able to provide for me.

05:36 Definitely now he is he's done it time and time again. And as long as you are on track you have the ability to do anything.

05:48 You know.

05:49 You have that that character that.

05:53 The smarts, you know, as long as you put your willpower to doing this and you're listening to what he wants you to do when you stay on course.

06:03 It's going to be it's going to be done.

06:08 But is there any questions you want to ask me?

06:14 Will having you at Seventeen was hard being pregnant at 16 and having you at 17 with hard it was hard.

06:22 Trying to keep a little job and still go to a continuation school.

06:28 It was hard not knowing what to do.

06:32 You know the rules options being thrown out there whether I should keep you or not.

06:37 And

06:40 You know, it's been good. It's one of his gun, even when it's not.

06:46 End

06:50 And I mean that was times we had escaped of change.

06:54 To get the electricity going and

07:00 And a lot of those

07:04 A lot of those things were on me.

07:07 Do you know a lot of those things I could have done better?

07:12 But

07:13 You know when you were five.

07:16 I move to Yuma.

07:18 And you must been good to us humans been.

07:22 Good. What's one of your first memories of Yuma my feet burning on the sand get built like a hundred ten degrees in middle of June. I came out of the car wearing sandals step right on dirt and it no desert just now. You ain't just the foundation. And yeah, I remember before the well before all the other neighbors.

07:59 So it's it's neat tune to see how grandma and grandpa had a big change leaving California after after yeah there their whole life being there.

08:13 And and moving to Yuma

08:17 I'm at your Grandpa got that job here with the Railroad working on the ocean ocean. And he actually stayed at the Coronado historical.

08:27 Hotel at 4 a.m. PR staff is staying right now. So that was cool to hear that but

08:36 Yeah, after they moved here they have they made a life here but a few acres and and started and start a building. Welcome to us here. You know, California was hard there was a lot of those are infestation of methamphetamine people that were using and do it just wasn't what I wanted for you it wasn't the life that I that I saw you having and you that was more more for me more for you and

09:05 Yeah, we did some weed sacrifice to come over here and we did and

09:10 And we just plug right all along. We just we just plugged in and it's been good to see how this little Community have come together to accept Dustin to be a part of it.

09:26 And now you're in college at Arizona Western AWC. I'm in the program in the winter semester. I am actually it's it's been doing that but it's X-ray tech or do you want to be in 10 years in 10 years I've seen is 10 years. I'll be 45.

10:00 Do you tell me going to be in 10 years 2727?

10:05 In 10 years is going to go down before you're paying a lot for their car into that truck. Let's see.

10:19 Probably in I don't know. I see San Diego, but who knows what 10 years will look like.

10:28 I want to be where there's more culture for sure. I miss I like being able to get away but I like coming get away either San Diego or LA but I like coming back.

10:40 I'm to the quiet peace. That is Yuma the last traffic having be at being able to have a home. You know, I don't think that's something that I'd be able to get in in San Diego, but who knows, you know, I don't know what the future holds but I definitely want to serve that's been one of my my things to serve in any capacity. So I'll just leave it up and and let him guide me to where I need to be. Yeah, but we'll see what X-ray what what the school leaves and where where I'm at in 10 years. What do you want to do in 10 years and years. I'd like to be on the military already getting my business degrees my business management military before 20, but definitely 46 gets his benefits VA loan first small business.

11:41 For health Warehouse to get both of them. There's information tonight. You definitely need to look into and and see and when your options out, but that's good. If that's what you want to do them. You know, I'll back you up 100% And whatever you choose to do.

12:04 Yeah.

12:07 Don't ask me another. Did he grow up in India?

12:14 I grew up in Indio I grew up.

12:20 I was born in Indio it was.

12:24 Those quiet for the most part it was just Grandma Grandpa and me. Do ya and deal my brother and my sister were older than me.

12:38 And Monica start having kids when I was little.

12:43 So I grew up with my niece and nephew and

12:50 So, you know, there was a lot of mom dad and I and

12:58 Yeah, definitely was was I felt like it was different from other kids who had siblings and stuff, you know.

13:07 But yeah, it was It was kind of mean I was I had everything I wanted or everything I needed. I should say, you know, and it was good. I can't complain those peaceful.

13:20 How was your growing up was pretty awesome having you as a mother really do from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have all the

13:37 All the things that you are grateful for me for going to school college being on track. That's all because of you that really is. No one else raised me like you did. No one else put the time into me like you did.

13:48 What I do what I do.

13:56 So, how was your growing up a little difficult for a little more difficult than others, but overall had a great time great childhood experience. I really

14:09 Think of anything to bad or too good just so pretty great times fun riding the motorcycle thing.

14:23 It's good now with your bonfires and hanging out with your friends. Yeah, I definitely miss.

14:33 Having you as a little kid. I miss ya Disneyland trips and

14:40 In paintballing

14:44 But it's it's the freakin it's good to see you out there. Good to see you be responsible to come back home.

14:52 When you're asked to come home, it's good to know that you're where you're at when you say you're at I love the iPhone tracker.

15:03 Love to know that you're telling me the truth and I feels good.

15:08 But you're not.

15:10 You're not out there doing what you shouldn't be doing.

15:16 Are you I'm proud of you for who you be coming to?

15:21 You know when we grow up Izzy and I'm still learning.

15:26 You know we trying to give what?

15:29 We weren't able to get ourselves cuz nothing comes to you and you seen that.

15:37 He seen a hard it is to

15:39 You know get a job hold this job schooling, you know, all these experiences you've had.

15:48 So

15:49 Nothing comes to initiate I come to you. You should have to work hard for what you have. You should have to

15:56 You should cost you sweat, you know what to get with you have hard work determination. Even sometimes our energy goes down, but it's always good to recharge. And and and that's why I hope that this next weekend when we go to San Diego. You know, you have a good time.

16:14 You know how we get away for a little bit.

16:21 I'm excited.

16:24 What else you got for me?

16:27 Do you have any regrets?

16:30 Regrets, no, not in a sense. I mean

16:36 How do I change something then? I wouldn't be where I'm at right now.

16:44 Completed school high school and not gotten my GED

16:48 Had I waited to have you later. It wouldn't have been you.

16:54 You know.

16:56 I would have been stuck with somebody else's jeans, you know, and I probably wouldn't have had the Sun that I have.

17:05 So no, I mean I mean do I think about you I think about stuff I think about a lot of things, you know, but no I don't have I can honestly say I don't have regrets.

17:21 You know just changing one thing totally would do my life off.

17:27 Do you have any regrets?

17:32 Changes that I would have I was able to go back in time and do some changes but never nothing I regretted.

17:40 Nothing that impacted my life at

17:45 The card and the good thing is that since you're 17.

17:50 And God willing you have your whole life to live and you learn from people's mistakes from your mistakes from people's choices and you are able to be that kind of learner and not the kind of Hands-On learner where you need to make these mistakes in order to

18:11 You know get it through so.

18:15 Good stuff

18:18 Who do you think is the biggest influence on your life? What lessons do they teach you a couple a couple of gas? I mean

18:30 Musically a few people, you know damn money. I've always looked up to her, you know, if she's been a bad ass when it comes on. Yeah, kicking Batman when it comes to your kids raising the kids and going to school. And yeah, so she's definitely up there on time.

18:52 And I have to see Grandma and probably Steve, you know these last few years. It's it's been a life-changing, you know, testing and in our lives now that I married, you know.

19:07 You know two.

19:09 Do you have the ups and downs, but recently to have the support that he's been giving us this last year has been

19:17 Totally different totally different from the last previous years in the last 3 years or 4 years.

19:28 So he's he's up there Grandma for sure my mom to know that you know, she's she's still growing. She still evolving she still.

19:39 Trying to be better and

19:43 It's been it's been pretty neat to not going to guess. I just got from people from wherever I meet from the friends or the acquaintances that I have.

19:55 And you know why I try to be better than I have been which isn't always easy, especially as a Christian, you know, I find myself.

20:06 Calling myself out, I find myself taking myself and seeing the hypocrite the hypocritical me know person me and it's easy to fall back into those things and definitely don't want to be viewed as a certain way, but it's it's easy to fall back into things that you don't like about yourself.

20:33 Is there something about me that you've always wanted to know?

20:40 But never had asked.

20:45 We're going to ask you that question for your great-grandchildren listening to this years years years. I'm talking about year. So now I ain't trying to have no kids soon 30-30 the number that way by the time I graduated I'll be close to Deborah Cox.

21:04 Some years from now for the grandchildren listening to this. Is there any wisdom you want to pass on to them anything that you want them to know that their Grandma did find that there?

21:15 You want them to know?

21:17 Not the time. Let's see.

21:24 Just know that

21:27 I thought about you and I both.

21:31 Try to raise and be the best person that I can.

21:37 This little monster right here in front of me has been amazing and I know

21:44 And I know that yeah, you'll totally be cool how so many stories to tell you and you know, when when he asked me like Why do I don't have to do this? Why am I doing this? Why are we doing this? The recording I said, I am not going to be here forever. And you know, I don't know what's what's going to happen tomorrow. So I want to take advantage of this and I want this to be recorded. I want I want you to know that you're loved that you're special.

22:22 Time here is short. Have fun.

22:26 Be responsible enjoy life because life sucks sometimes but doesn't mean that you have to be down always find the positive.

22:39 In life always find the goodness you get to see and get to hear you get to feel, you know, if you're with your heart know that it's going to be better and nothing lasts forever. So enjoy the time that you have right now and just take it and stop overthinking stuff.

23:03 Look look above your stairs. There's someone there loving on you.

23:09 You know, don't forget to be thankful and grateful for you what you have.

23:17 And know that as of right now, do you 17 years, you know?

23:24 Israel has been giving me too many problems. He's been a really good kid and kind of yeah, so I'm really proud of who he is and and the love that he shared with me and the teachings that he's giving me to you know the lessons. So I think I think what I would say is

23:49 Know that you're someone know that you're special.

23:53 Know that you're loved.

23:56 And that God is there always

24:02 And

24:05 And what make your own make your own special to don't think that you need to hear it from someone everyday?

24:14 Ended up

24:16 No now the self-confidence and self-esteem when to know that you matter to you. You should matter to you and everything else is going to fall into place.

24:30 That's what I would say.

24:42 Oh, how would you like to be remembered right now 17

24:48 Or ask me if I died right now $17 and I wouldn't want to be a member for that's asking sure. You know what?

24:58 Alright grandchildren

25:00 When I was growing up, there's been a lot of school shootings. There's been a lot of terrorist threats a lot of terrorist attacks. If I had to choose one way to go out with Stephen lie to protect others too long if I was able to put my life if I had to die, I would choose to help save others.

25:19 And sacrifice myself Stephanie automatic CO2

25:25 I want to be remembered for a person that cared a person that was loving compassionate.

25:31 Had a motion

25:33 Loved everyone.

25:36 Definitely

25:39 Integrity wise

25:41 You know character.

25:44 This kid's got it and I'm not being biased he is a

25:51 He definitely hold his own and you know, he's he's a young man of his word. So it's been amazing. That's amazing. Is he amazing to hear you? Say that?

26:03 Unfortunately, there has been too many things going on in our schools.

26:14 But

26:17 You know, that's why we have to live him out every day. We have to live because some people are never going to read the Bible say never going to know what a Bible is and if we could do that without shutting it down people's throats not saying you need to do this, you know.

26:41 Etsy

26:45 How would you describe me?

26:50 And then how would you describe yourself how to describe the best? Mom ever? Definitely the best mom ever. I've only had one mom, but definitely the best mom ever. She's definitely been there. She's on

27:05 Yeah without her that I wouldn't have been able to do anything shyam.

27:09 Definitely surpassed all of the

27:13 Everything that was told her told her she was on.

27:17 She's a very strong independent woman and she's very passionate and very loving very caring. She loves everyone. She's very friendly when you go to the we go to Buffalo Wild Wings or something small meet five people at your nose. Everyone loves her. Everyone recognizes me because of her of her smiling face of her compassionate words of her god-loving just personality.

27:47 Good description. I approve how would you describe yourself myself a question on the form that didn't fill out because it was asking how to describe myself if I had to describe myself and probably be

28:12 Just your hands in the air. You don't know ask me that question. How would you describe me?

28:20 Sexy

28:30 It is a very chill.

28:32 Melo

28:34 Personality ever since you were little one memory. I have a few you're about 4 years old and we were in a a wedding or something in Mexicali. We're at a party in Mexico.

28:48 And we had the German exchange students for your reality from Riverside. I remember that okay. I remember that your I remember them and so you were tired and we were drinking or eating. We were dancing having a good time and I must have been 17 18 19 21 2021-22 and you were tired and I said, well, let's let you down blanket jacket was cold and we got two of those metal chairs. I remember that kissed you and I just covered you from head to toe and you just went to sleep and leave them when you were little I would leave you in a crib and you are ready able to stand up.

29:41 And I said go to sleep time for sleeping. You were never fussy or crying or

29:47 Even when you fell from my tummy at 3 days old when you pulled off ever, but yeah, it's it's been it's been cool because you know, he will

30:11 You you're not only chilling mellow, but you're respectful. No, like I mentioned earlier your integrity.

30:20 Just it just shows where you are you we don't always know what we want and that's that's life. You know, you're 17 years young. He still haven't experienced everything. Like I haven't experienced Everything Lifehouse for us, but

30:36 Describe you respectful and kind and caring and loving your family too. I don't know where you get that from you don't know either and

30:52 You care you care for others. You know, how many times I've been to told me hamina?

30:58 I'm going to go and pull this guy out of the truck out of the mud because he got stupid g2c to know that you know, when you pulled over for the lady on the side of the road and the cops escorted you guys afterwards, you know, all these things that so that's neat. It's our you definitely compassionate and respectful never really been stubborn never been a pain to deal with, you know, I've never felt like I've had to deal with you.

31:29 So that's definitely been cool.

31:38 Yeah, maybe I'll see when I asked me before we leave for your given the 10-minute Mark all-time favorite food all time favorite all-time to go food like middle of the night. You want to go for your food like a snack to like the whole on full course meal and then the snack out of french fries and sour cream like loading loading loading all the way. That would be a burrito or something.

32:35 Oh, no.

32:37 Tomales the most kind of feeling we'll see I don't know. I'm in the mood right now. It's almost Christmas.

32:48 If you want to ask me.

32:51 Hey, do you need to know?

32:54 I love you, Mom. Love you, too.

32:58 You're my favorite. My favorite. Mom is Big Papi. I'll talk to you guys later.

33:07 How to rap