Laurie and Mrs. Louk: Holidays, Moms and Open Heart Surgery

Recorded November 29, 2017 Archived November 29, 2017 08:10 minutes
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7th grader Laurie sits down with Diane Louk to talk about growing up, her time as a nurse, and how they've both grown through their years at Kinard Middle School.


  • Bradford Lardner

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00:00 Best dog. She's really really nice. She's always there for you and she has a great smile on her face.

00:19 I'm Lori. The lucky. I'm in grade 7 right now.

00:27 I go to Kinard, Middle School, Fort Collins. And right now I'm interviewing with mrs. Locke about life. So early. What are you doing for? Thanksgiving? Do a traditional eating turkey. Fallout need some family ctm, but we're going to eat turkey and I don't know really what we're going to eat. I forget every year because it's so good. They just comes back again. Well, it's an American holiday, of course, so. We're going to celebrate it, going to be frightened enough snow to ski at, huh?

01:06 No, not that I know of.

01:10 Who is the most influential person in your life?

01:14 Sorry, if I'm definitely have to say that, my mom was definitely the most influential person of my life. She was also nurse. Then I'm just always so caring and giving of herself and she loved children and babies. And she had a good place in her heart for the elderly to she works in a hospital initially and then was working in a nursing home too. But she, when we were growing up as I said, she has special place in her heart for children. And so when we were growing up, we actually she took in foster baby Beast so that we could take care of them. And sometimes along with though the mom to so that while the baby was growing in, the mom is getting used to having a baby. We could kind of help them and support them. And then sometimes it was just the babies by themselves and we would take care of them until they were ready to be adopted.

02:10 And so, it was just really a great thing for our family. And I was always amazed that my mom has no five children and then she was even taking in more more children to help take care of them. But she just always had a really good heart and Curative Care about others. So she just, I feel like I learned a lot from her about just opening your heart and being accepting others and helping anybody that you can help him get through life was being a nurse like oh, yeah, so I start on it for about a year and then I worked at an open heart is a post surgical unit. So yeah, it was it was really incredible. I actually so I took care of patients after they had open, heart surgery and I actually was fortunate enough to have a supervisor that allowed me to observe open heart, surgery twice and which I had requested and she let me do that.

03:10 It was amazing. It was unbelievable to see, you know, someone's chest being like wide open and they were taking beans from the legs and put them in the heart and it was really incredible. They have to stop the heart to do the surgery and then restart it. So it was really cool and the patients were always just so grateful, you know, after the surgery and we would it was incredible to me that you know, the important thing is after any surgery is to get someone off and moving as soon as you can just to keep the blood going and that their lungs expand and keep them breathing, you know, keep the air moving through their lungs. So these people would have their chest open and they do have their surgery. They're open heart surgery, done, and we have to have him sitting up in a chair, like, the day that they have their surgery.

04:01 Yeah, and you know, after they would wake up. We haven't sitting up in a chair and then getting up and walking and stuff like that. So it's pretty amazing, but it was life-saving too. And he was saving people's lives because they are the arteries going into the heart were blocked. And they had to work around those blockages so that they could have get blood going to the heart again. So I was pretty pretty amazing.

04:26 What will you remember most about this year of our class?

04:31 I'm so I would say.

04:34 How do you know if there's any one thing? But I feel like I've noticed that there is just play. Change is always the one thing that you can count on that will happen and it just seems like there's a lot of changes going on in our world. So I just hope that we can like help kids fee. Feel like this is a safe place for them and a consistent place. I can always just being me being there and being that consistent person and then is really important. So just a lot of changes going on and just helping kids, you know, kind of work through that. Yeah.

05:13 How would you like to be remembered?

05:17 I would say that I would hope that I would be remembered as someone who is kind and understanding and dependable, like, responsible and dependable. And most importantly, just someone who would always be there for family or friends for anybody who needed it. That I would, you know, what? Always, just step up and be there for that person. What I remember was that you? Yeah, you were there for me when I was just when I was having a hard time.

05:55 You know, I remember that to Lori and I

05:59 The thing that always struck me about you is how strong you are. Because I know like coming to the middle school is hard adjusting to everything that's going on news, new friends, new teachers, new environment, everything that could, that's a huge challenge, you know, and so and I know it's hard for you and you were so strong. You just kept at it, even though it was hard. You kept coming every single day. You were here and you, you did it and you made it and you it was awesome. I mean, you it was really hard but you did it and you were so persistent and so strong. And I just said to me, that is huge and you have to do you should know that that how strong you are inside because that's it. That's it took a lot. I think for you two to keep coming and working through it, but you did it and it was I was really proud of you and I still am and you Blossom so much now. You're you're a different person is just amazing.

06:52 I'm really proud of you for that. Yeah. Well, I didn't have much friends at the time or I don't really interact with a lot of people. It's just like someone I could go to to talk about something. The way I trusted her little treats in between classes. Remember that my favorites for the mint in a specific, kind to write.

07:24 Remember, I think it was just like your normal, peppermint. The red red and white ones Lifesaver ones, but those weren't as good for for Lori know, if she wanted the, the red and white yet.