Lee Ann Youse and Nancy Castro

Recorded August 25, 2021 Archived August 25, 2021 51:58 minutes
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Lee Ann Youse (68) and One Small Step conversation partner, Nancy Castro (51) share thoughts on the 2016 presidential cycle, opposing political view with close family members, and the impact of COVID-19 in their respective fields of Education and Healthcare.

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NC and LY share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step. They discuss influential individuals in their lives and how their children function as a continued source of learning.
NC shares shaping of her civic engagement as a result of the 2016 election. She discusses her work in healthcare. LY shares her political upbringing, thoughts on the 2016 election, and the impact of presidential leadership.
LY shares observations of seeing opinions shaped in young people while teaching high school. She discusses regional political influence.
LY shares lessons from pandemic and discusses how people's decisions to take animal supplements vs COVID vaccine.
LY shares thoughts on negative commentary on President Biden's cognitive ability, mail ballots, and the 2020 election cycle.


  • Lee Ann Youse
  • Nancy Castro

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00:04 August 25th, 19 or 19th. 2021 And my partner's name is Nancy and she tells me her name is Nancy and I'm just read it. Just the way she has it. My name is Nancy and I was born and raised in New York City Brooklyn New York. I always say I grow up in diversity. I moved Upstate at the age of 32 and racism punched right in the nose. I almost live seeing the world in Rose Colored Glasses and when it came to, when they came to racism, never experienced it, I'm Puerto Rican until I move to Upstate New York, then in 2015. I was told to go back to my country where I was speaking Spanish because I was speaking Spanish. I was born and raised in New York City. The USA is my country.

01:03 Okay, so I'm Nancy Castro. Today's date is August 25th, 2001 and I'm 61 years old and Leann's. Bile is we were stationed at McConnell in 1988. I was born on a farm in New England, Missouri, Andy Missouri. We have been stationed in Calif, California and eat cuz I work at cancel, cancel self, Butler County Community College and have been at Rosehill high school for 25 years. I am shaped by being an Air Force wife, a mother, a teacher mentor and coach for best robotics. 23 years. My interests are reading current world events at Family genealogy.

02:03 Okay, thank you. So I will have you start and LeAnn, please follow us. So just please share with us. Why did you want to do this interview today?

02:16 I wanted to get someone else's perspective. I'm a pretty close person. I enjoy time at home. That's what I like to do. I work all week. I just want to be home. I don't like to go out. I don't like to go anywhere. Really. I don't like to drive because I drive 40 minutes back and forth to work. So I don't want to go nowhere. I just want to stay home and relax. I wanted to see if I don't travel either because I don't like playing. So I don't meet many people. I don't travel, I don't like playing, they'll never get on a plane. So I started listening to NPR in the morning because all the radio stations. I don't like those. I started to listen to NPR and then I just kept on and I heard this thing about storycorps. And then there was one with the federal pen and

03:14 I said, oh man. I used to listen to it all the time anyway, but that one just caught me for some reason and I said I'm going to look into it and this is how I got here.

03:29 Okay, Leanne, and I heard about it on the MPR as well. And here, in Kansas since we moved here, which now is almost 30 years. I never felt really comfortable going up to people and talking about.

03:47 Things are going on in the news and politics and it just felt uncomfortable. And so it'll I was excited when I go home and they're going to give me someone that I can really, really find out what they're thinking and asking and in a safe environment and that felt really good. And so, when I heard about this that they were doing it to basic places in the world, and Wichita Kansas was one of them that I thought, hey, I've got to sign up for this. I hope I'm going to have time and so I did I signed up and I filled out all the stuff and I kept thinking. Oh, wow. When are they going to call me? And I ended up retiring and now I got lots of time, but I still it's not something I'm going to go out and ask my neighbor. Will. What do you think about such-and-such? That's just not something I'm going to do here cuz I still got to live next to them and I still I don't want to have bad feelings about somebody. I can just assume that there.

04:47 Normal everyday people and I don't have to worry about what they think about different things. I can still treat them like good neighbors and I fear that if I don't buy ask him, I'm going to find out. They are not at all. Like what I think that they are and that's scary. So I'm looking forward to having a safe place to discuss and really be frank and open with how I feel.

05:18 Okay. So what I would ask you is to just talk about an influential or influential people. Maybe you like maybe 2 or 3 and talk about what what they taught you in person and Nancy, please.

05:40 I read the questions this morning and kind of wrote out little things about him. And and I thought and I thought there was just so many people that were little bitty parts that I couldn't come up with 1 and then I thought, you know what, the person while I learn the most from was my daughter when she was born. I still believe that that babies wear little blank slates and she very quickly taught me that she already had opinions on things right then I mean pretty quickly and it was all about food and the light was too bright and those kinds of things, but she had opinions. And I go, you know, maybe some of my thoughts of how people think are different than what I thought it was before. And so, she taught me, that was the first thing she taught me in as she grew up, as I was trying to teach her things, such as compassion and getting along.

06:40 I'm with other people. I learned things from that edit, and I realized it was a back-and-forth relationship. It wasn't just me and parting things to her. She was teaching me back. And now that she's an adult and I see that she's grown. Well, beyond that, and is a compassionate and loving and thoughtful person to everybody. She comes into contact with I, she's my role model in that regard of her. You know, how am I doing in relation to this person who I feel? You know, it's is a good. I know it's a good and wonderful person. And so, that's how she's influence me. So that's what I would say. The other thing. The only other thing is that being a schoolteacher. Every one of those kids that come into my classroom. Also teach me things, and that has been a good thing for me.

07:40 Have that mirror of? Am I doing the right thing? Are they learning? Not just whatever type teaching but are they learning how an adult is supposed to act? That's kind of has helped me as well to but it's been so many so many I couldn't pick an individual one out for that.

08:05 It's funny that she says her daughter because I feel the same way about my daughter, almost everything. She said, it's the same thing in my daughter. I don't even know how to describe her and she's just spending my right hand purse for the longest and she's taught me how to be a better person had an emotional person. I've always had this and any little thing, just throws me off. And my daughter is taught me how. Just deal with things and not getting emotional and not be over the top with things that she knows how to deal with situations when I would wouldn't.

08:50 I would have did what they write. I have to say I just wouldn't deal with the right and just go off and she's taught me that she's such a good person.

09:01 To the good sister. She's a good daughter. She's just a good-hearted person. And she taught me to be that way. She taught me to be that way with her. What is she said? She's not sedated against code, but at the end of front-line worker and she got hers and I don't feel right taking this. So that's a nation because I'm taking it away from someone else and I'm like, oh my goodness. You should have had it a long time ago. April to be a better person to be a better person.

09:47 She's just taught me. So. Well, how to treat people? Better had to be good to people, and I really can't say, I have too many people who've been very influential in my life except for her except for her. She still lives with me. I know that feeling my daughter is going to. Yeah. 40 turn 41 this year and we had a late later in life. And yeah, I thought she was never going to find someone and then she got married and felt like she moved away. Although she didn't. But, you know, just a little bit more distance there and I'm feeling like oh man. I want her closer and closer, you know. So I envy you that. You're still got got your daughter right there with you.

10:46 Good. I'm glad I hope she stays there, but I know she has to live her life. They do.

10:59 Now you are maybe take the time to take the time to describe some of your personal political values and maybe you can share an example of or two of how how you got there. So if you can, maybe education is something important to you, you can talk about why, or or, or any number of other political issues that are going on in the world today or do you just please, please follow after you do that? I was just, I was just suggest that if there was anything and the others bio or something, that that came up there that you would want to know more about ask at that point after you describe your political values and and I'm just, I'm going to blackout my screen now and kind of let let you have the conversation.

11:58 I need to push it along a bit, but I'm going to black out and kind of let you have a conversation. But again, just your conversation is yours, please. Please go ahead.

12:20 Politics has been.

12:24 I don't even know how to explain it. It all started.

12:32 I like how it's exactly shape because of my daughter to and I consider myself an independent voter vote, for whoever I feel Republican or Democrat. It doesn't matter. As long as they got the best interest of us heart. When in 2016, When Donald Trump say he was going to run for president. He lost me right at the point. When he said that about Mexicans and Muslims, if he would have said, I always say this, if you would have said, you know,

13:07 We're going to work together. We're going to get through this together. We're going to, I'm going to fight for you guys. Maybe I would have.

13:17 Said you know what? Maybe he's right, because I'm not too fond of politicians. Republicans Or democrats. Think they had their interests are themselves, not us. I believe that 100%. So he didn't say that he went at the Mexican people, and I've done hospice care. And I've taken care of Mexican people. Did they come here legally? And it's not only the Mexican, it's everyone else's cell phone. They should they come here? Legally? Absolutely one hundred percent, but the ones that are the ones I admit they've worked hard. They worked hard. They worked in a in a chicken plant that I as an American would never work to never, never never because it was bad.

14:05 And they're here, and they're dying. They came here to make a better life for themselves. So bad, that made me see Mexican people in a different light than these people. Good people who just wanted to work. That's all they wanted to make a better life for themselves and for him to say that about the man and the way he presented himself and wasn't very presidential. It was more like if he was trying to bully everybody. That's what I like. And I actually don't talk to my sister because of it. I think there was more there but I think this is the house that saying go the The Destroyer that broke the camel's back. Yep, you know, that's that's that's how I felt I did. Both of us. I would have voted for a house if I had to touch it because I just

15:05 I couldn't deal with this man for another 4 years.

15:15 I would have I would have gave him that I probably would have voted for him. But that was my biggest fear covid. You know, I'm working in a hospital at the time. My husband has prostate cancer. I'm worried about bringing covid home to him. I'm worried about getting cold with myself. Sweating literally sweating from having pee pee on and I don't think it was taken serious enough. That's what, you know, my in February of last year, but I do believe I had it, but I didn't.

15:56 I think of it.

15:59 And like I said, I will go for a Republican vote for Democrat. I vote for whatever you are. I don't care as long as

16:08 I'd still like to have the American people's best interest at heart. You know what I mean? That, that that I don't care. I don't care. I don't care about it ever since I was 18 years old. I was ready to go and I've always voted Republican, bring you that I do, but I have found it for that. But I think he divided in Concord. And like I said, I was raised in New York, New York. You know, I'm actually pretty lucky that I can speak two languages fluently and I was speaking Spanish. I was just so happens to be in 2015 when he started with the Mexican stuff, you know, and that's that. That's how I feel.

17:07 That's how I feel. What about you? I was born and raised the Democrat. My parents were very well. We were farmers lower-middle-class and that's being generous. And, you know, they always felt that, that, that Democratic Party.

17:33 I represented them and I have I hate to say have voted, you know, on the Republican side and have been.

17:45 Been disappointed, vastly this, vastly disappointed when I have done that, and from the time that the elections in 2016 started to ramp up. I just kept getting more angry and angry and I realized it was watching the news. So I got to where I would not even watch you cuz I knew what they were going to say. I knew what they were going to say, whatever the the current issue was that they could try that. People could try to stir up things. That's what they would be talking about. And when Hillary lost I cried. I mean, I cried so hard because here I thought we finally had a chance to have a woman president and not have that happened. I was so sure that that was going to occur and you know, I can barely function that next day. Yo,

18:45 And from 2017 on, I just didn't watch news at all. I kept hearing about it cuz my husband loves to just watch that stuff. And then come back and say, look, look what they're doing. Now. Look what those look at this. So, and so is saying and, and those kinds of things and I, you know, I just, I didn't want to hear it. I shut down, you know, shut down and didn't listen to most of that stuff because all it did was come into my life and a negative way, and I had no power over that. So, without a doubt, I heard you start to say something you would have voted for almost anybody, you know, I didn't know. They made what they thought was the right decision to find somebody that the most people would be able to Rally around and you know, and I'm thankful that he, you know picked it up.

19:45 A woman, a special woman of color, you know, course that's always saying, you know, we can't just have a woman or we just can't have a whatever brand of color there looking at. You know, let's try to get two things at one time up there. But I'm sure that, that Miss Harris is going to be wonderful. I mean, I just am and I hope that that she is going to be ready to pick up the standard width when Biden is ready to go. So that we will see whether having a female president would be useful. If it can't be, I mean, we got the bottom. Hopefully, we've we've seen the bottom. I'm hoping because I, you know, you're not, you're fifteen years or so younger than I am. So, you've been around awhile to we seen different kinds of a president and they do make a difference. Even if they don't have power to,

20:45 Say okay, we're going to do this for now on their words. Their words makes so much difference and I don't think they realize how hurtful they can be. All in the words he knows.

21:02 Would not have lasted 10 minutes in my classroom, you know, he'd have been written up and sent to the office. You know, that behavior. I wouldn't want my child to act that way. I would not let my school students act that way and yet, now we're seeing the results of that of everybody thinking they can act like that certain people. Not everybody is great race, they feel empowered and do their, I don't see it in my surroundings, right where I am at, but then, I don't seek those people out either. I do have my, my husband's one of his brothers. We don't speak about politics. His sister has changed back on those for years and then he has another brother who kind of sits on the the, the fence there.

22:02 As to where he is, he kind of floats back and forth depending on who he's talking to but we don't we don't even live in the same state with them. They're back in Missouri. And we're in Kansas. So we just avoid those, those talks at all because you know, as much as I would say about certain other presidents. Oh my gosh, they are the most awful ever. They weren't they were trying. I always, I can look back and say, you know, they were trying to do the best they could. But as you said, you know, the ones we have had recently seen their only be out for themselves and that's not a good politician. That's not a good leader, it all they wanting to do is make sure they get a vote and I see that trickling down to the local level, from school, school boards, and City councils, and commissions, and all kinds of things. And that, that makes me sad.

23:03 Could be a long time.

23:06 It's funny how you say because I wear in the year 2021 and I remember that stay and I went to sleep in 2016. I went to sleep myself. Honestly, thought I said them, people are not this dumb. I said I'm going to wake up and Hillary's going to be president. And when I woke up, I got an alert actually on my phone and I use my phone as my alarm and B. She had enough. I was physically ill. I, I felt like crying and screaming and yelling and it was almost because the American people like basically fell into this track. They basically like took the bait and I don't want to hear it. No more than one class and one family, it would just be awful.

24:02 I don't want to hear it, no more and I was living in Upstate New York. At, at that time. I think I was the only one in the whole neighborhood. It was myself. Another Hispanic family and a black family in the whole neighborhood that we would like lost. We would like lost children. That didn't know what to do because this man was going to be president, who was absolutely? And I remember election night 2020. I literally went to work on like 2 hours waiting for the results. Of course, we had to wait till the leader of following him to this day. So blindly, my parents are Trump. Supporters said die-hard Trump supporter.

25:02 Who said little things here and there and I let them just go over my head because before I used to argue with her and I said, you know what, I'm not going to let this ruin my relationship with my mother or my father. I'm not going to do it. So I'm just going to let that comments which are completely not true. And it's funny because I used to say something to her which is fact and she's too sick, but Hillary and I said, but Obama, I said spoken like a true Trump supporter.

25:36 Oh my goodness. He didn't mean that. He didn't mean that, I gave us some pics that I got straight off the government's to the government website, and she said, they want to believe I keep on asking if I don't know, how can you

26:26 Look at the sky and see that it's blue and he tells you know, the sky is green. You say the sky is green.

26:35 That is why I see having taught High School is some of that close-mindedness starts to happen there. As they follow that, they start to make their ideas. Not necessarily be ideas that they're going to keep. But this idea of them being closed-minded. There's the comes a time where no matter what evidence you show them there either open-minded or not, you know, by the time they get there, that junior age in and high school. They're either open-minded or not it. If I think it takes a lot to change a person to be open-minded, no matter what that what their ideas are. It's not easy for them to do, and she'll provide information, but they can see the information from, you know, you hear that. Now, all the time, this this

27:33 How, how are you going to take things that are true in facts and say, that's not true. It's okay. It's not true on the, the covid stuff back over in urine and the which we watch cuz that's where our family is from, is Northern Missouri, but the down in the southern Missouri places. There Are Places there that people will have covid and they deny that they have covid-19 else, you know, and they died from it, but they didn't have covid-19 found that they're having trouble in Northern Missouri. Where the people that write down on the death certificates, what they die from, they will not put down that they died from covid, in all. So, who knows what the numbers are people.

28:33 Make their own facts or they deny whatever they are shown is. Obviously that's fake cuz, you know, you can just change the little electronic stuff, and make it be something else. Yes, but these people are still dead or these people are spying.

28:49 Right, and that's what I don't do. The scan like people. I don't know. I've been in the healthcare field since 2002. So when you have a heart problem and you have covid on the covid-19, what they had a heart problem, natural consequences is sad, but I feel bad for those people who can't get the back to me either, because they're too young, or I have a friend who has an immune problem that her doctor says, no, you can't take this. Because I don't understand the rationale behind that, but you still she doesn't take it because for a very good reason, but the all the other reasons of why not to be safe.

29:50 Cenotes funny because I'm sorry.

29:55 I am, I am. I was reading. I was listening to something that says this, the covid-19.

30:13 You know, any biology class. So obviously not.

30:20 Okay. So yeah, it's it, go ahead. I'm sorry. Obviously that you're not going to convince some people. So now that they are say it's no longer for emergency youth. Are we going to see people line up to take shots? I don't know. I don't think so. I don't think so. I added to say, I don't think so and it's funny because being in the health care field, I have to have certain vaccinations in audit at work. You know, I had to have the hepatitis. I have to have the pneumococcal once I have to have all my regular ones. Now in New Jersey or healthcare workers have to have be vaccinated will be tested. I've been vaccinated since January, you know, I have to have a flu shot. I want to work. I need money. You know, that your children can't go to school unless they have all these two. Now. It's a problem.

31:20 Know what I'm saying? Now? It's a problem. Why is it a problem? Not because someone told you was the problem, you know, it's funny because my parents weren't going to get back to Natick. And you know what I did? I made appointments for them. I complained to them and that it took me very long to get these appointments. I had to get up at 6 in the morning, blah blah, blah blah, blah, blah.

31:44 Good boy, you still have parents right at my, oh, my whole family. I have four children, my four children are vaccinated even my seventeen-year-old. Yes. I have a 17 year old and my husband.

32:02 Well, that's innate it because I want this to be over. I'm done with this already.

32:10 It's not going to be, I'm sad. Did I tell you? I really don't believe it is. By the time we get people vaccinated, they're going to have another variance. I fear that we are going to be living with some version of covid-19 live with flu and we live with you. Don't got everybody gets flu shots either and they got nearly as good as the covid shots in preventing people from getting badly ill. And we live with Kohl's and things along that line. So I fear that this is going to be something. We're going to have for a very long time till woman. I still feel like I have it right in the store all my children with him as my husband was his mask and white.

33:10 Can't people do that. Why are we sending children to school and kids while you were in your teacher? You know, I say kids are super human. Germ Transformers where I worked in a school for two years. I was a teacher date, but back when I was younger, the first you have worked in the school. I was out, 15 times once. I was sick all the time, all the time. My kids will go to school, September Toba. I get sick every single year until they went to my youngest daughter went to high school when she got into the high school. I stopped every year. So why are we sending these kids wouldn't with no mask to school.

33:57 When they're going to bring home to get the chance of just going to circulate this just going to circulate, you know, I agree last year and I this fall or the spring was when I retired. So I thought all last year and we caught we're small enough school. It's a suburban school outside of Wichita and we were small enough that we were able to stay in session. Not every kid was there but we can dead end session. Most of the Year couple of times we stayed home but most the time we were in school. Do you know? We had hardly any Kohl's and no flew the kids if they were not out for being in quarantine or having covid, which they got at home, not at school. They, they were in school all the time because guess what we wore masks, and and distance and, you know, it does make a difference. So I hope that the DAR state is still fighting The Mask thing because

34:57 Are our legislators in the spring when everything was going to be? Okay, decided that they were going to take away the power of the governor to do Statewide masks. And yesterday, the Supreme Court in our state said, no, you can't do that. That's illegal. The governor actually has that power. So I don't I think we're going to slide back the other way and the governor will come out within a week or so, of having kids be able to wear masks because our school boards are scared to say, okay. Well, yeah, we're going to go ahead and have mass no matter what their kind of scared to do that. But I think things are going to slide the other way. Meanwhile, we've already been in school for a month, early August, early August. And so I'm sure I know in the Wichita School, District's, they've been telling us what the numbers are.

35:57 A 38 almost 4% of their kids are in quarantine, or have covid-19 of their teachers. That's the big thing with school. Yes. We don't want the kids, get sick. Don't get me wrong. But when you start getting teachers out, who replaces those teachers, and a lot of the, a lot of our subs are older, so they don't want a sub. This the last year and this year. So, you know, we have trouble. We had trouble by the end of the year, Even in our school district finding subs for when teachers were gone legitimately. We didn't take field trip. Didn't do a lot of the things we normally did, but there was still Sports, they have to leave early to go or they'd have to go and do something, you know, some kind of training or whatever. We had trouble, just getting Subs at all. So I can't imagine. What's the Wichita School District would be like

36:51 Call William start Hangouts, New Jersey, William a governor already put a mask man. They didn't for the schools. Like I said all healthcare workers have to have the inoculations. What else state workers all federal workers have to have be back soon? Made it. So, you know, a lot of people don't like his till Mercy. I kind of liked him. I haven't been in New Jersey long, only 43, but I like them because I feel like he he.

37:29 Looking out for the well-being of the children of the parents because you got to remember that these kids go to school, and they might not come home to just a mother. And father. They might come home to mother and father, grandmother a stick on a stick that they're going to bring home to, you know, and

37:51 The one thing I learned about this pandemic is that people are selfish.

38:00 People are selfish. And right now the vaccinated people are suffering because of unvaccinated. People, people don't want wear masks. How is it fair to me? That I did, what I was supposed to and now I have to wear a mask because you're not vaccinated. You don't want to wear mess. That's being selfish. You're take it. They're taking away your freedom. And the one thing I don't like is the most of these people were complaining about the freedoms and don't want to wear masks.

38:41 It's your body and the most of them approach relies on life right now, but then you go out without no mask and you're not vaccinated potentially killing somebody. But you're pro-life right down to what you said. They're selfish. They just want to do what they want to do. I understand those feelings. I mean to be able to be free and do whatever the heck I want, but not addressed. It would want me around, you know, because I can be pretty selfish Tok. There is you don't these people need to be held accountable for what but they won't write that will not count ability of responsibility. Germany's come on. Come on for real. For real. I mean because we're in the Public Health crisis, you're going to stay that's like being in Nazi, Germany.

39:41 How dumb are you? I hate to say that they have you do like a little list of words that they say. Okay, we want to wrap things up. What are some words I can use to make this ramp up more. You know, that's what they do. I was just thinking and it's funny because I was just watching this interview and this guy said, if you'd used, if you use oregano oil every morning, it kills covid, germs.

40:17 How about maybe you don't hear about it in in New York, but you're being a rural area. There's people who take these veterinary medicine. Another words medicine to give a cow or a horse and that has nothing to do with kovid, but it's medicine that you can buy at a local hardware store and you take that and think that's going to help you for covid. And yet you won't take an experimental vaccine, but I was reading about that. I'm in New Jersey. Now. I used to live in New York now, but I live in a rural area and and there was some something I saw online that said, vets veterinarians are warning people not to take the d word. That's what it is. Right? Well, there's a reason you can't just take medicines from one kind of animal to another kind of animal. I mean, you just can

41:17 I had a cat that had to have special medicine for it was steroids and he was he was taking human medicine just to go from human. To cat, was a big deal that had to be exactly the right dose in the rights that I approved. And now you're going the other way and take it. Something you would give a cow. You know, that's not very smart. You know, I am I question everything. I read, I question it. Excuse me. If someone tells me something and I don't know why I said I'm going to go read up about that. I'm not going to argue with you. I'm going to go read and

41:58 Even my mother dust and that was just to make me feel bad because she, she doesn't, of course, you know, what news she watches, right?

42:09 Yeah, how did you guess that? My husband to listen, to those just so he can have something to complain about? So yeah.

42:22 Do something there and she it is it is like written in stone and I listened. This is my true love. Okay, I'll catch. You know, what gets me mad, too, when my parents are older and they say, Yeah, Joe Biden has dementia at work with dementia. People. I work with people. With Alzheimer's, I was a hospice aide. I pick, I worked in a nursing home. I worked in a hospital and I told my mother, I got to someone. I said, well, you probably have to mention two year old.

43:18 My mother is no, my father is his age. My mother is a little younger but

43:27 What makes you an expert? You know what I'm saying? What makes you an expert at covid? And election. I voted by mail, my whole family vote in my mail cuz I wasn't going to go stand in line at we didn't cheat. I told her that's different to how is it? Different, go and stand in line and we're in a small area. You know, I knew that any of the things when we would go to vote it, there was never very many lines or whatever, but I just do, I just don't feel comfortable to either me, either. We always voted. We always went to the polls, to always, always will. And I tell my husband, I'm not going, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, you know, and we all voted by mail my four children and my husband and I bought it by mail.

44:26 And we didn't cheat, we didn't cheat and I don't know if you heard about the election that order than Arizona. Yes. Yes. I might Maya person tells me all about it all the time yet, but I've read about it too. So they're not even using real people that, you know, people that really are supposed to do that kind of audit, you know, they're just people, they've been taken off the street. Basically, not really. But I mean, it's just a group that they think they're going to say what they want them to say.

45:05 And it's funny because two weeks before the election of Joe Biden was with Jimmy Fallon. And he had said he had said, he said, you know what? I fear most that Donald Trump is going to because Republic Billikens. Usually vote in person Democrats, usually vote and mail. So he's going to see the Republicans and all these boats and he's going to say I want to go home. That's it. And then do both going to start cuz he said it just like that. He said the votes are going to start coming in from the swing state Pennsylvania, and he's going to say they stole the election for me, they cheated and that's exactly what it do. You know, it wouldn't have mattered what happened. He would if he didn't win. He still would have said that cuz he doesn't like to lose. I don't like to either, but I don't trust a lot.

46:06 Yeah, that's good. I left a lot. I actually played as a game online with my daughter and it's word thing. They give you a whole bunch of letters and you got to make a whole bunch of words. Can you believe? I have not one that wants to get so I hate to lose. I admit it. I hate to lose my scores. Like I'm thinking, my school is good. I get like $3,500 for comes at like 6, maybe you should get an audit. That's what we need to have. Somebody all that your stuff. I think you really want. That's what I'm going to tell her. That's what I'm going to tell her that I really want. But that ain't what I'm saying that you want. So you can tell her, you know, that an outside expert.

47:02 Tell her, I'm not rid of this cold. Once we're in a point where we can live with it. Then maybe things would get better. Maybe since I'm done ready to go. Do some of the things that I wanted to do. Once I retired to go visit my relatives in the next state. Not even get on an airplane. I'm ready to go. Do my genealogy stuff, which is on in the next day. I'm ready to, you know, go to the art museum and, and you know this weekend, there's a Music Theater thing and I'm going, I want to go. Yes. Will probably go, but you're going to be messed up and just, I want to be normal and I am feeling that way, but I'm not acting on it. I am still doing the things I need to do.

48:02 It's almost like when you're so used to getting in the car putting on your seatbelt. You so used to it that you go outside and you so used to wearing your mask, now that it's it's not easy, you know, my sister had a baby in February 2020. He said he rolled already and I haven't seen him. I haven't seen him because she's in Florida, and I'm not going to Florida. I was supposed to go to Florida at the end of August and we canceled everything. We had set everything up in the spring, and then I just get more and more uncomfortable. So, I have a question to ask you for she cut. Cut this off. So you head down. You were going to talk to somebody in, Kansas.

48:46 Was you with or you expecting something different than what I am? Yes, I understand that. I will keep you at 14% of the people in Kansas or more like me. Santa goes back and forth and then there's the other 40% that we just don't talk about. So, I did expect that. That was my own.

49:13 Negative pregnancy, but I did expect something different. How about you for being for New Jersey and New York? Please don't take offense, but I was going on. I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting to get somebody who was truly on the opposite side. But still I look at your bio and I go. Okay, maybe I'm wrong, but I think she and I are going to be a lot of like glad I got someone like you because I probably would have ended up frustrated and I don't like to get frustrated. You know, what if I enjoyed this border? I really did too and I was expecting someone from the other side too. And I'm, I'm glad it is funny that more Americans.

50:04 Are good people, more white people are good people more, black. People, got people, swell good people. I think we've been divided. We've been divided, you know what I'm saying? And I'm glad to see that.

50:19 Everybody, the majority of Americans are good. People fool each other everybody votes, you know, it would be okay. I think, you know, there's enough people that, if you can get everyone over 21 to actually vote, it would always be the right people. My aunt is 69 years old. She just turned 70 in July. Actually, that woman has never voted a day in her life, and she brought it last year.

50:52 Snake Farm Zoo.

50:57 For the first time ever. She ever voted at set 6269 lassies 69 years old for the first time. Can you believe that? Everybody tells me? My son told me? Oh, Michael doesn't kind of said, absolutely. It. Does it count every vote count. So wonderful to talk to you.

51:23 If I could keep on going I can see you're saying we can just forget it. I'll just put my hand over her face and and we'll just keep on talking.

51:34 I dropped my phone.

51:38 Do we have to go now? We're having fun. Okay. Thank you. I got to go. I'm actually working, I got to get back to you.