Lee Ann Youse and Nancy Castro

Recorded August 25, 2021 Archived August 25, 2021 51:58 minutes
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Lee Ann Youse (68) and One Small Step conversation partner, Nancy Castro (51) share thoughts on the 2016 presidential cycle, opposing political view with close family members, and the impact of COVID-19 in their respective fields of Education and Healthcare.

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NC and LY share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step. They discuss influential individuals in their lives and how their children function as a continued source of learning.
NC shares shaping of her civic engagement as a result of the 2016 election. She discusses her work in healthcare. LY shares her political upbringing, thoughts on the 2016 election, and the impact of presidential leadership.
LY shares observations of seeing opinions shaped in young people while teaching high school. She discusses regional political influence.
LY shares lessons from pandemic and discusses how people's decisions to take animal supplements vs COVID vaccine.
LY shares thoughts on negative commentary on President Biden's cognitive ability, mail ballots, and the 2020 election cycle.


  • Lee Ann Youse
  • Nancy Castro

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