Leigh Carlson and Donald Doyle

Recorded August 12, 2023 Archived August 12, 2023 50:38 minutes
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One Small Step partners Leigh Carlson (67) and Donald Doyle (38) connect over a mutual passion for helping others.

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Leigh and Donald discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Donald talks about his military service and how he helped people on his deployments to Iraq.
Leigh reveals her hopes and dreams for the country in the future.
Donald observes his community and speaks to the changes he would like to see happen.
Donald discusses his feelings about the Trump administration.
Donald opens up about his feeling of isolation due to his political beliefs.
Leigh recalls her earliest memory of politics, discussing the assassination of JFK.
Donald talks about a transformative moment in his life that impacted him.
Leigh talks about how she channeled the grief of losing her husband into helping others.


  • Leigh Carlson
  • Donald Doyle

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