Leslie Hoyt and Emily Hatch

Recorded March 30, 2023 Archived March 30, 2023 50:35 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Leslie Hoyt (66) and Emily Hatch (34) discuss their differing political beliefs, feelings around motherhood, and find common ground around experiences of loss and grief.

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Both partners share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Emily describes why she wants to have children despite all the problems in the world.
Both partners share their experiences working with autistic children. Leslie describes her current job working with "troubled youth" and Emily describes a previous job working at a halfway house.
Both partners share some of their feelings about motherhood.
Both partners discuss their differing personal political values.
Both partners share traumatic past experiences of suddenly losing loved ones.
Leslie describes living in a conservative town while having left-leaning values.
Both partners share their opinions about the social safety net and restorative justice.
Both partners talk about political figures they admire.
Both partners share their primary news sources and admit their respective biases.
Both partners share what they like to read.
Both partners describe crime issues where they live.
Both partners describe what they will take with them from this conversation.


  • Leslie Hoyt
  • Emily Hatch

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