Lida Vera Nedilsky and Orest Sosnivka

Recorded June 22, 2021 Archived June 22, 2021 40:44 minutes
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Orest Sosnivka (28) talks to his friend, Lida Vera Nedilsky (51), about moving to the US from Ukraine as a child, his family, being a performer and entertainer, his travels thus far, and his solution-oriented belief system.

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OS talks about his name.
OS talks about coming to the US and the Ukrainian Village neighborhood in Chicago from Ukraine when he was 7.
OS talks about how he became an entertainer and performer.
OS talks about meeting a family of acrobats at Circus World Museum in Wisconsin. 20 years later their families are still friends.
OS talks about facing some major disappointments as a teenager due to not having citizenship papers.
OS talks about his belief system.
OS talks about being in Berlin when COVID happened.
OS talks about teaching ESL, traveling, and how technology has kept him connected.
OS talks about doing something special for his grandparents.


  • Lida Vera Nedilsky
  • Orest Sosnivka

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