Linda Carroll and Phil Carroll

Recorded August 3, 2023 Archived August 3, 2023 35:28 minutes
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Linda Carroll (no age given) asks her father Phil Carroll (73) about his time fighting overseas in the 1960s, as well as his transition out of the military and moving to Alaska. Phil also shares the story of how he met Linda's mother and both participants give a current life update.

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Phil Carroll (P) shares the story of getting drafted in the 1960s and becoming a utility engineer.
P shares how he had to adapt to the military requirements at 18 years old.
P shares how he met Linda Carroll's (L) mom and how it took time for her to warm up to him.
P shares his advice to people who want to transition out of the military and how he ended up in Anchorage, Alaska.
P shares his biggest lessons from his military time and gives advice to people interested in the military.
P shares directly to L what he hopes she appreciates about his military time.
P shares the story about how he ended up in a career of water management and became in charge of a missile facility in Montana.
P revisits the story of meeting L's mom and how he had to adapt his behavior for them to connect.
L shares what she appreciates about her father and her childhood, and how that relates to his military time.
Both participants give a life update.


  • Linda Carroll
  • Phil Carroll

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