Lisa Specter-Dunaway and Jessica Murray

Recorded May 17, 2023 Archived May 17, 2023 50:12 minutes
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One Small Step partners Lisa Specter-Dunaway (59) and Jessica Murray (39) have a conversation where they consider mental health, political polarization, immigrant experiences, and urban life.

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Lisa Specter-Dunaway (LSD) and Jessica Murray (JM) share why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
JM talks about her grandmother being a strong independent woman and the impact her grandmother had on her life.
LSD talks about living in an urban area after graduating from college. She says this experience led her to her passion for urban areas.
LSD talks about her experience being a parent to adult children.
LSD discusses her family history and her own life as the granddaughter of three immigrant grandparents.
JM talks about how her school, church, and childhood helped to mold her as a person.
JM and LSD discuss stereotypes surrounding addressing mental health, particularly attending therapy.
JM voices her concerns regarding education and how schools approach gender identity.
LSD emphasizes her belief that social issues should be separated from political issues.
LSD and JM reflect on current prevalent social issues.


  • Lisa Specter-Dunaway
  • Jessica Murray

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