Liz Hicks and Patrick WALSH

Recorded June 7, 2023 Archived June 7, 2023 51:24 minutes
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One Small Step partners Liz Hicks (78) and Patrick Walsh (55) discuss moving away from the Catholic church, how they became aware of racism, and why they fear social isolation is harming our country.

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Liz Hicks and Patrick Walsh share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Patrick describes his current job and explains why he decided to leave the ministry .
Patrick describes how his beliefs around homosexuality have changed.
Both partners describe growing up Catholic and why they moved away from the church.
Liz describes raising her daughter by herself after her husband's death.
Both partners share which political figures they've admired.
Both partners describe becoming aware of racism.
Both partners discuss the problem of social isolation and age segregation.
Patrick describes an impactful mentoring relationship.
Liz shares her experience performing as a historical figure.
Both partners share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Liz Hicks
  • Patrick WALSH

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