Marion Kaslon, Karen Schlam, and Terri Gilbert

Recorded June 29, 2008 Archived June 29, 2008 00:00 minutes
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Marion Kaslon talks to her daughters, Karen Schlam and Terri Gilbert, about her family history in Brooklyn, her father’s business savvy and meeting and marrying their father.

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Marion’s father was a veteran of WWI. He opened a chain of laundry’s in Brooklyn called Long Last Laundry.
She went to PS 219 in Brooklyn then to business school. She met her future husband at 12yrs. old.
Her father’s parents came to the US from Austria in 1890. Her grandfather’s name is on Ellis Island.
Her husband was Irvin Kaslon. He served in the army for the Portable. He served in the army’s Portable Surgical Hospital which eventually became M.A.S.H.. When he returned he went into the advertising business.
They married in Brooklyn on 8/5/1944. It was the hottest day of the year in NY. She made him wear his uniform jacket because he looked so good in it.
The happiest day of her life was when Irvin returned from service. She met him at Grand Central Terminal.


  • Marion Kaslon
  • Karen Schlam
  • Terri Gilbert

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