Marian (Mitzi) Faye, Elliott Faye, and Poppy Gordon

Recorded February 17, 2009 Archived February 17, 2009 45:35 minutes
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Mitzi (84) and Elliott Faye (83) talk to their granddaughter Poppy Gordon (29) about their family background. They then tell stories about their times living in Europe.

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Mitzi talks about seeing Elliott playing saxophone across the street from her over the summer, and they both had eyes for each other.
The Goat Milk Story, about Turkish hospitality
Elliot taking photos of a church where St. Paul stayed, on top of a hill in Turkey. Bulldozers came to make the road accessible.
Israeli security agents pulling guns of Elliott because he was taking pictures and in a car similar to that of a spy’s.
The advice that they give their granddaughter.


  • Marian (Mitzi) Faye
  • Elliott Faye
  • Poppy Gordon

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StoryCorps Lower Manhattan Booth