Thomas Shea, Frank Shea, Eric Munson, and Kathy Shea

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The Shea siblings (Kathy Shea (52), Thomas Shea (54), and Frank Shea (48)) and Kathy’s husband Eric Munson (49) come together to talk about the two people they lost on 9/11/01, Danny Shea and Joe Shea.

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Difficult to think of Danny as being the age he would be today, had he lived.
Danny’s tactics for bars and picking up girls, some of his big nights out on the town
Kathy’s wedding day disasters, but rescued by Danny’s first words to her, “How do I look?”, breaking the tension.
Joe’s business acumen, demonstrated in getting his first job, and negotiating his own starting date.
Danny and Frank’s plan to open a gay bar, under the business logic that guys like to drink, and there would be twice as many guys there than at a straight bar.


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00:00 Hi, my name is Eric Munson. I am 49 years young today, November 12th, 19 SRE 2010. We're in the middle of Foley square with my beautiful wife Kathy Shea and are two wonderful brothers, Tom and Frank.

00:22 We're here today to talk about a little bit about Danny and Jo Shay.

00:28 This is Kathy Shea. I'm a Danny and Joe's sister.

00:33 I am Frankie say I am a well I tend to forget my age when it's 48. I'm in the middle of these people. I'm the oldest one and I am the Second Son Joe was the oldest son. He was two years older two years older than me and then Catholics two years younger than me. And Danny or Frank is 4 years younger than cats.

01:19 And then Frank said you can do the math on that. Danny was two years younger than 60 years younger and I was Diane.

01:35 Miami daddy died when he was 37 and Joe was 47.

01:41 Set the days from now.

01:50 E46 just let's hear remember me Leo child to jump from being like he lost it really run 30 32 and then kind of Emily jump to 40 even though cuz he had no hair anymore and he's older now and he love to eat. We would go to these restaurant to River. He would order everyone would order these huge meals and then his and we'll have a little we'll have an extra Lobster on the side.

02:50 That's all I order my default email things. I loved about him directions to my Heritage exactly. I never even heard of giant bottle of wine people coming in. So I think tonight and is on her. I'm watering the Danny Tower exactly.

03:37 Exactly

03:39 Something of the birthday party the beach you did for me in Nantucket that my 40th 40th Salas 10 years now.

03:48 I was crying. What was the year? That was just that was a great party man. Wonderful time of the year. We have a lot of our families lot of family there a picture of all you guys together before boys together at the right amount of that. I wasn't in that picture Photoshop, you know, I was there to my favorites back and he's asked me to throw away the extra curricular activities we could only do in the stern of the good thing because there were the Nantucket police officers sitting there waiting for us to what I have a conversation with her Realty.

04:41 Is rat taking a week in the bushes. He died. I guess you two. Can we live in Glencoe 374 months, so you probably don't remember that. We slept in the same room Manhasset for like, you know, I don't know until I was probably 14, you know, and then I move down the hall, you know, but when I stay in the same room until her like 13 or 14 years old.

05:33 And then you were in the room next to us with Danny pink.

05:56 So we all started then. Danny, but we all started in Glen Cove Joe and I actually went to st. Patrick's school for like a year.

06:06 I was in kindergarten. He was like the first grade went to st. Patrick's School.

06:11 And then we moved Manhasset and Joe went to St. Marys.

06:16 Grammar school has did everybody write.

06:21 El Dany in Frankton. I went to

06:26 Shelter Rock shelter switch. It just opened and Mama's tired of the nuns by the state St. Mary's grammar school and then Loyola High School in Georgetown for college.

06:54 He graduated Georgetown in 7602 is that after he died? I forgot the professor at Georgetown. Call me to tell me that he learned more from Joe Shea than he ever taught him.

07:17 And I got the same call like the same kind of message from one of his teachers at Loyola. He said he was amazing guy. He taught me a lot even to this day every time I talk to him. I see him at that golf outing every year and even to this day whatever he talks about you because every single time

07:39 Every time every year I think it's like after like the second Scout she starts crying, you know, like before the first guy. She's just telling the same story as told me 500 times already. Joe and then by the second scotchy Scotch guy wanted Joe is certainly biggest proponents no doubt about it. So it's a little different education career.

08:09 He went too well.

08:20 Weber but then he never made it to Schreiber Weber did not put up with him for very long because by then we had moved and then we're in St Peters.

08:43 And then he ended up going to be able to go to the gym.

08:47 The glamour of grammar school in Manhasset until

08:58 And I'm until only the third grade started St Peters cuz we weren't didn't move to Port Washington to have to be a junior in high school. So before that we have to go to school in an asset somewhere prolific when might even yes.

09:51 He didn't go to st. Mary's. He went to Schreiber. He went to St. Agnes to st. Thomas More Thomas More which by the way advertisers in the New York Times and which is why he went there. He advertised for troubled. Youths. He was there a week. I know he got thrown up. Danny was a very spirited a kid and really fabulous human being but he got caught doing everything everybody else did but he might have any interest in going to school.

10:51 10 days to die any took it like a field trip. That was that was the reason why this is like the first week of school. He's living up there. They go to the bowling alley and they sneaked out of the back of the bowling alley and they drinking beers out in the back and some kid comes out and sees them and he goes and tells on Danny and then he was already on probation for smoking like in the dorm. So it's ready on he's in there a week and dirty on probation but smoking in the dorm and then this kid comes out and sees I'm drinking he goes and tells the Proctor the next day Danny gets in trouble for 3 golden beets the kid up for telling on them and then he gets thrown out of school the next day.

11:37 My phone was like and they had to pay the whole situation, you know, our parents had gotten divorced somewhere around all that time. So there was a lot of problems going on about where Danny was living and so I think that caused some of his issues. But but what also I mean to just be quite blunt about it. He had a black cloud over his head which really followed him through his whole life. But I mean, he got caught doing everything no matter what it was. Yes, exactly. I used to tell him I'm like the and you just can't do anything because you're always the one

12:33 Kelly got caught so whatever we get past that he finished and

12:46 So why the way I'm on the way we had moved as my parents got divorced. We lived in Manhasset and we moved to Port Washington, which is the next time and that's how they got you guys Frank and Danny were going to the public schools in Port Washington. And then Danny went to St. John's after he got his GED. When's St. John's a little while going to college and the guy the teachers there said why are you here? Did you are so far above and beyond everyone else in the school that you really should go somewhere else well, but right from there he went he pretty much ran into into Wall Street.

13:41 Finally start working

13:50 Fat boys. That's what they called Transformers still around. That's weird Vincent Murray Jr. You can go into it can go into the office wearing a suit because they'll tear it apart. Literally. He said one day they track it cuz they don't approve that buy broke mentality company that the

14:28 He worked for chaplain and then they sold the company Security Pacific and then they spun that company off into KMS, which was Joe is corn rice Murphy and Shay.

14:41 And so Michael Cohen rice was one of his partners and it's like spun that off to KMS which they eventually sell back to chapter Lean Like a round trip back to Chapel Lane and then eventually going to work with dinner before, you know, Cannon had a

15:04 Definitely had just Bond Brokers not not in our voice with this voice broken Electronics Duffy speed or anyting eventually headbutt.

15:14 But that that's how Daddy got his job cuz Joe knew all these other guys in the band repair business. They were very acrimonious four years of jealous is mad that Danny would not total on Joe is always Joe is as I tells kids Joe is perfect. You never did anything wrong. But yeah, so he ended up being all the time about you come to work late and then all the sudden they became the closest friends are really tight him work and I need to tell you connected.

16:14 I did a great job sound do such a good job that you'll have to hire him full circle since they're in the very beginning I can or they wouldn't hire any siblings. You weren't allowed to know if you weren't allowed to have them know nepotism at all. So you weren't allowed to hire like any brothers or anything like that, which is really weird thing. But that's the way it was. So Joe and the how in the hell up by the way, I have to hire my brother and how is like, no Howard lutnick who was running Cannon cuz I know you can't have your brother's like no. No, I have to have my brother because he's doing all the business in this one sector in the bond market and I have to hire him and his team or else we'll never get a break into it because he's got it controlled. He's got the whole thing going so I would let him iron. So one of the pyron

17:04 How to deal with the corporate area of the corporate sorry at corporate short-term stuff like 5 years or less so she'll have to hire him. So Joe hired him and then Joe at the side of expense reports what you got to be references are power of yet with one client and there were nine dinners 14 $1,800, you know, and it's only one client. Is there any like yeah other people went you know, but the client was there a large and showed it to Frank.

18:04 Jamaica one year one of those, you know houses and then you have privileges at a club and it was at the Round Hill Club. It was really fun and servants or whatever at a pool and all that and we went down and hanging out and having drinks at the bar and there was a band playing in the band was really great. We're having a great time and I was in the band stopped and then Lakeside the cocktail I was over on Uber like what the Danny just went over and got the band to come back to the house with us by the staff the how to make her convinced the positions of the band were going to rip everything on the house already in the kids were dancing dancing around the music of the steel drum music and never had a great time. Was really fun actually example of his to live

19:04 And so at Kanner they had and we still have now today. There's like a internal ticket broker right actually guy who like Brokers tickets, you know and dumb so the ticket broker comes to Danny's desk and drops off 40 U2 tickets and Joe have to be sitting there.

19:28 You know, cuz Joe is in his office most of the time that he would come out and sit at the desk a bunch of times. Especially Danny's that's cuz that's what Joe had brokered of the same desk for quite a while before he went to go in a run the whole thing. So it comes out of you sitting at the desk when a guy comes over and drops 40 U2 tickets off the desk and jollof the tickets and go to have 40 clients have 40 customers. Well, you know, there's and then he's like, well, you know, it's not just you know, I'm not just a client but it's third wise and stuff like that and it's a whole different group going a whole lot of people in jails are the tickets for you, but you'll pick up the pie like starts counting the tickets got some like 25 because it's obviously there's like 50 tickets are there is like no this 42 and 42 tickets. It looks the pilots to me Danny.

20:21 The timing on and then Joe and Nancy went and then I think Genesis when we went to like five. So, I'm sure you might have gone with us for Danny and I were going on every other night, but we would like we had stayed on the floor like 3 to know everyone that we're staying on the floor at the you to show it was awesome, but that but that but that one night with the 42 tickets whenever

21:09 And Joe went and we had the pre-party was that Bryant Park Grill and we had like the whole back of the grill and had this whole catered thing going. It was typical living large display does a great time so much fun typical Danny.

21:28 40 tickets 4042 epitomizes Danny is that we used to go to Nickel beer night over at that bar on 3rd Avenue on 42nd Street, Ryan McFadden exactly. How many be like trying to pick up girls gone Mad Hatter in the limo? What is Porsche German tell me the stories. We got the force from my uncle brother had the sports my uncle used to get all these crazy card motorcycles and Danny Danny bought the car from it wasn't red.

22:28 Easy color pulled over in that car like every other week that was right out front. It works more damn the stories do and you never see your number one. And whenever you're whatever you were in like he said like one point I think he was said he was

23:14 A surfing champion, but he's number two guys that won Triple. They went down to go see a guy at Florida State or University of Florida and some huge game. They would like going to football games with him. Every fighter pilot. And Richie was an astronaut down in Florida today and they were actually they actually went like in the afternoon. They got there at like noon by like 1:30 there in the strip bar and they stayed there until 4 in the morning the 1st and the next morning they woke up and they had earrings.

24:14 The next day they like to go you guys will get the other ears done tonight. Where did you get them? That way? We get them done there like right here right here. Oh my god when they're kids come home to really really fun person to have a party and he would walk into a party and the whole room which is clamor around him and he would tell stories but his biggest problem was is it if he had a big event like a we were having a big party like we're throwing one together or something it gets so excited about he go out the night before and stay out all night.

25:10 Free part 3 gaming

25:20 Flighthub Tempe and I escaped his son Colin. It was his pride and joy, and I would take Tommy my son out in the four of us to go out and have breakfast and Beyond and recuperating breakfast Chocolate Milk pancakes vaguely milkshakes anything to wash off the effects of the next morning before I clear down there a couple times went down to see that thing to you and other people down there and had a lot of fun zone.

26:04 I need great that way when I met Dan before I met you Kathy and I was so funny. I met him out in California. Can I guess he just got mad at you was on his honeymoon honeymoon coming back from what I thought was Memorial Day weekend. He walked in school. He walked well probably early May in San Francisco with a bunch of friends of mine from ski house that I showed up in Lake Tahoe any walks with Alan all happy and there's a guy in his honeymoon Wall Street guy from New York. I'm from New York. I work in the street so we can I just hit it off and have a great time and drink and have cocktails and celebrated and how's the weather? That's an IT met with Wayne Gretzky?

26:57 Janet Gretzky Janet Jones, whatever I don't know about that when you met him, you better not be allowed back on the way back, right? So maybe maybe on the way back when he stopped in LA or whatever. It was some bar at the top of some restaurant, you know, and Danny's talking to Ellen and Janet Jones or like sitting together at the bar and Danny walked in and then we started Allen Denny's in me know who Janet Jones, you know, but she was talking to Janet Jones, whatever I guess that's his wife. And then I think I want introduce Danny to this is Janet. I just met her a little while ago and then there's some guy standing behind Jana transmitted through back his back is to him the guy turns it finally just like

27:57 My husband when he's right here and Dwyane Wade Dwyane. You're the great one has a great one and I am I so which was

28:34 My father couldn't come to the wedding or dad can come to the wedding cuz he if it's too sticky and Parkinson's and so you guys all the brothers had to decide who was walking me down the aisle.

28:46 And it turned out it was going to be Danny.

28:51 So I had just a lot of trials and tribulations trying to get to the wedding because you know just to make a long story short. The dress was ruined by the dry cleaner that the person doing my hair didn't show up. The photographer never showed up. Then the limo didn't show up and it was so unbelievable. Cavalcade of awful disasters show me different disasters and finally let you know I get the limo to find us and come and get us and we pull up to the church and they're drain at the church afterwards and you don't like hurry up so I can get upstairs and and there's any of the top of the stairs.

29:34 He goes, so how do I look good? I just been through hell, so that just telling me like I got all right. I mean he was a gift to be able to bring out things in people and see things in people that no one else did a few people could and that was really his gift and enjoy had a different skill-set Joe was sort of the Practical. Like I said, if acquitted him to the tough New York cop, you know, like the common sense kind of approach the memory and tell him that you're into by the house and going back and forth with his pay. My broker was the salary and kind of being back and forth.

30:17 What's on a night in Joe's looking around and paying the bills? I go on the side and stressed out Kathy was pregnant with Riley out to here and I was like a hot and which I do should I increase the bid or not? And Eric? Do you want to buy the house by the fucking house really popular business? Because like he was the outdoor face of everybody is a million people on Wall Street, then that or the jobs to him, you know, so many different people, you know, so many different people he was the go-to guy no doubt about it. He was the public face. No doubt.

31:04 He did a great job. He helped a lot of people, you know, how many 8 or 10 people at the funeral who said to me he was hard even my first job and people today who really regret very grateful Head Gone on to help other people as a consequence. I got a great job story about you. So when he came back from Georgetown, his first job was working with this guy that he went to high school with pork you he worked for this lottery company you work for the lottery company. What do you want for the company that made the lottery tickets? Right? So he would literally have to go to printers like all over New York to make sure that they print the lottery tickets properly and that they were like super vised while they were president. I don't know how Joe got this particular job. Like this is his first job out of college Paul Cusack father is another guy who went to Loyola who was from Manhasset.

31:58 And Paul Cusack father own the company. So anyway, Joe got the job and he really liked the job but I was terribly have to go to like and I had to go to Buffalo all the time and Syracuse and places that you didn't want to go Syracuse in the winter to watch them for 2 days pregnant lottery tickets, right it have to be standing there like I got to watching him. So he hated that job summary should go to stay married to play basketball everyday and his old basketball coach Walter France who is a guy that we all like to know my era my age and Joe's I had him as a coach in high school in NR NR basketball league not for the high school not only play for the high school, but in our intramural leagues, are we playing all times and he working this insurance company, you know right in the middle of town and he would see Joe walking by in the middle of day like every day he came out and Heckle and say in a when you ever get a job.

32:58 I didn't get a job. Don't worry about it. So one day Walter Francis go see dick Chaplin. Okay, another guy. He'll give you a job. So Jo goes to see the chaplain. Joe hasn't worked. I don't know months. It's been months. He hasn't had a job for months, but he's cool. He's had money had money that he saved up before and he always had so, you know, he goes to see dick chapter Lane. So we go to seem like on a Wednesday, right and he hasn't worked for three or four months, but it's a Chaplin Chaplin. Yeah. Yeah, you can have a job. No problem.

33:39 Well, no. Tomorrow. Can I can I start in like 2 weeks? What are you doing? Nothing, but one of them come more weeks off again, you know, so you can mix them and check on Friday then how about two weeks from Monday even have a job? He's like 24 years old, you know, he's a year out of Georgetown. He had one job. He quit and now he doesn't want to start another one. Like I'm not really ready to work and finally ghetto he started working and he was killed him because all his friends were in the bond business to you know, Brian devaney Vinny Marie all these guys. So Joe is like the bond broker to the Stars. He knew all the guys and all the trading desks, you know, where all is good friends, so he just killed it, you know, and it was like the perfect storm of all Israel.

34:39 Then all this stuff is like the greatest broker and I would argue with them all the time. We be driving back from the Hamptons by broker-dealers. How do I need you? Oh, yeah, you need me. All right. Oh, yeah. Oh, no, you can and I can never figure it out took me like 10 years to figure out that he was absolutely right my client and then you know my client and without me standing in between no way. I wouldn't be that way. We would never take me like 10 years to figure out that that was actually accurate.

35:35 That was his defining characteristic with his wisdom, maybe or is

35:43 About people about business

35:47 Damn, you spell smart. Exactly oldest son Patrick bhambroker, and we're not actually a BGC which is a company that we own the night exactly can if it's kind of like an ER I mean could we do something else? You know, what is there a couple on the way to find something else? But you know, Danny was funny that would make a lot of money in like at the end of the year.

36:46 You know when he when he actually gets paid you can ask him. I can anyone might that he didn't have any money to spend the night in Spencer Moore, I guess in retrospect. That was a good thing. I think the brothers taught you.

37:12 Buy insurance thing I did after I got over there.

37:21 Binge drinking about you when I see you when I was drowning in debt and the banks would not loan me money because I had debt or and I want to borrow money to pay it off and if you went to Joe and bards

37:39 $17,000 for them to pay off the the credit cards and $17,000 in credit-card tell me where I could have gotten that from him and pain in back and actually into this day. I have no credit card debt. That is why I do it I do it for myself. I do it for Joe.

38:17 Good for you when his wife for giving it after 9/11 nice. And so that was that was really good and I don't want to say about Dan Danny Danny had this idea to open a gay bar cuz I'm gay and he thought I thought I could run it and he hit his thinking was men like to drink and there be twice as many men in the ball of your man you are so he asked me to look for location, and that's what I was doing at the time and I was looking into to a purchasing a license from Reno another bar.

39:17 Or something. That's what I was doing around around the time. So that was interesting that was named for the bar already and beguile.

39:31 Beguile what lessons you get from your brother's can enjoy the moments.

39:51 I baked specially.

39:53 Since they were gone too early.

39:55 How to shorten the weekend before the anniversary party that's some great pictures or not. I don't know why I have I have to get a one-time Joe and Nancy at the at the table and there was one of them actually Karen and Ellen at the table and then I have one of me and Danny from that.

40:27 I was up at that place in.

40:31 And then it was right before that that we were at Eric's 40th birthday party 2.

40:38 So we are like a time together.

40:42 Are there be Eric's summer surprise early party? Cuz then we did the party again the following summer. That's what it was cuz I was thinking of there was all this can of people at that party the following summer cuz Danny wanted to recreate the party on the beach and we left the radio on the car died on the beach. If you want to think about the tide them are we got married you were down. There are trousers to keep you off the beach at night. I find out exactly.

41:42 Add rice and at night he's actually said that we should talk to you about their kids. Are you how long has it been right before you started talking to?