Interview with Lora Hernandez

Recorded July 2, 2018 Archived July 2, 2018 11:59 minutes
Languages: English , Spanish
Id: APP509705


This podcast is about a woman named Lora. She was born in Playa Mallorca Spain. She came to the United States when she was eight years old. She came with her dad and mom. Her dad was a sargent and her mom also worked in the Navy. They went from Spain to Miami Florida to San Diego California. Her mother passed away in the Navy in San Diego CA. Later on her and her dad moved to Aurora Colorado to come live with her uncles. Her dad remarried. Lora had two siblings, one brother and one sister. Her siblings didn’t like living in Aurora CO so they moved to Juarez Mexico, Close to El Paso Texas. The difference between here in the United States and Spain is the schools. The schools in Spain are more stricter than the ones here. The most cultural shook was the language. Later on in her life when she was 18 she moved back to Spain and stayed over there for a year. When the girl in spain turns 19 they celebrate it like how mexicans celebrate when a girl turns 15. They are celebrating that she isn’t no longer a girl that she is now a young woman. They celebrated it big, lots of food, family gathering. She moved back to Aurora. Lora is a permanent residence since she was little. In 1996 she applied for her citizenship and to this day she hasn’t heard anything about it because she moved apartments and they lost contact with her. Lora got married to a guy older than her. She never had kids, her mother in law never liked her. Later on in her marriage she divorced him and left him everything, including the house she worried for and built. She started all over. This is loras story.


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