Lost and found

Recorded January 23, 2020 Archived January 23, 2020 08:55 minutes
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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on a search to find your birth parents? On December 31,2019, in Woodstock Vermont, Tsehay Driscoll sad down to interview her grandmother Titia Ellis to find the answer. Titia Ellis was 40 years old when she had a dream about finding her birth parents, so when she woke up she woke up with determination to find her roots. Through many difficulties, Titia was able to track down her birth mother who needed up being very sick with Alzheimer’s and wasn’t able to remember much of Titias’ birth. Although the meeting with her mother was successful her meeting with her father was different, he didn’t want much to do with her. Titia was able to have other amazing encounters with other lost relatives as mentioned in the minutes of 6:55-7:42. Through many difficult obstacles, Titia was able to tell a story of hardship and the wonders of long lost family members.


  • Titia Ellis

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