Lucien Kilonda Fataki and Teguo Djoyum

Recorded August 8, 2023 Archived August 8, 2023 39:31 minutes
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Lucien Kilonda (35) interviews his friend and colleague Teguo Djoyum (37) about Teguo's work in public health, which focuses on brain health and reducing the stigma of epilepsy, particularly in underserved regions of Africa, and ultimately the United States.

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Lucien (L) asks Teguo (T) to talk about how he decided to start his organization, Global Organization of Health Education (GOHE).
T talks about doing education and raising awareness around brain health and epilepsy.
L and T talk about creating a "fair profit" versus a non-profit to ensure sustainability for people in underserved regions.
L asks T to talk about some of the challenges his "fair profit" Purple Point Neurodiagnostics is facing.
L and T talk about a recent project they worked on in Uganda on epilepsy and helping to reduce its stigma there.
L asks T what is next for Purple Point Neurodiagnostics.
L and T talk about how they initially met.
Purple Point's website is:


  • Lucien Kilonda Fataki
  • Teguo Djoyum

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