Lynn Hurley and Robert Davis

Recorded May 9, 2023 Archived May 9, 2023 49:26 minutes
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One Small Step partners Lynn Hurley (55) and Robert Davis (62) reflect on their upbringings and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted them and other Americans.

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Lynn Hurley (LH) and Robert Davis (RD) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
RD reflects on his childhood and how he adopted his political beliefs from his parents.
LH draws back to the memory of her watching Gerald R. Ford on television.
RD remembers a childhood conversation with his father that has stuck with him into adulthood.
LH talks about how people should learn to communicate respectfully.
LH brings up how politics was sometimes a touchy subject in her home growing up.
RD expresses his personal beliefs surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
LH questions the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals, particularly in relation to isolation.


  • Lynn Hurley
  • Robert Davis


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