Madaha Kinsey-Lamb and Egeria Bennett

Recorded September 28, 2023 Archived September 28, 2023 39:05 minutes
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Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (73) sits down with friend and colleague Egeria Bennett (72) to speak about the early days of Mind-Builders -- a non-profit arts education center located in Bronx. They reflect on the obstacles they faced, how they chose teachers who valued their students, and memories of their daughters.

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Egeria Bennett (E) recalls Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (M) offering her a job at Mind-Builders.
E speaks about the various jobs she took on in the early years of Mind-Builders and working for free.
M and E explain the unconventional interview process for Mind-Builders, prioritizing teachers who would believe in their students.
M and E remember taking an impromptu road trip to Washington, D.C. with their daughters.
M describes how their neighborhood community came together and felt a sense of "ownership" towards the organization.
M speaks about the importance of making Mind-Builders financially accessible.
E recalls pioneering the "work exchange" program, which allows parents to volunteer in exchange for classes.
M and E tell a story about their daughters running away from home to another member of the Mind-Builders community.
M and E express pride for achieving their dream of a school through their Pre-K program.


  • Madaha Kinsey-Lamb
  • Egeria Bennett

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Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center

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