Marc Bady and Keith Bergthold

Recorded June 28, 2023 Archived June 28, 2023 49:57 minutes
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One Small Step Partners, Marc Bady (38) and Keith Bergthold (72), discuss their community involvement in Fresno and reflect on the role that music, arts, and culture can play in being unifying forces.

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Marc Bady (M) asks Keith Bergthold (K) about his many years of non-profit experience and how he approaches innovation.
K asks M how he got to Fresno and wound up in his current position.
K and M discuss how to get stuff done in Fresno. M compares the city in some ways to a small southern town.
M and K discuss DEI work (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and what inclusion actually means.
M asks K about leadership and if he thinks we are in a leadership crisis.
K asks M about his background in music. M talks about joining choir and some life lessons he has learned through listening to opera.
K discusses his music taste.
M talks about how music relates to DEI work and inclusion. He reflects on how one can’t make assumptions about what people listen to.
K brings up the role of Arts and Culture in economic development, and how it is more uniting than politics.
M reflects on the connection between artists political perspectives and the defunding of the arts. He tells s story about an art project he did in school which would never happen in today’s divisive climate.
K and M talk about their hopes for the future, and appreciate the opportunity they had to reflect in today’s conversation.


  • Marc Bady
  • Keith Bergthold

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