Maria Jaramillo and Jesus Jaramillo

Recorded December 18, 2022 Archived December 18, 2022 32:13 minutes
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Husband and wife Jesus Jaramillo (46) and Maria Jaramillo (45) interview each other about difficult memories from growing up, their journeys struggling with depression, and the love they have for each other. Stories of abuse, rape, and suicidality are shared in their conversation.

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Maria Jaramillo (MJ) discusses moving around a lot growing up as the daughter of migrant workers.
MJ talks about the abuse she experienced in her home growing up.
MJ remembers being raped in high school.
MJ expresses her love for Jesus Jaramillo (JJ) and the light he brought into her life during a dark time.
JJ describes the first time he saw MJ while working at a casino.
JJ reflects on his parents' absence during his childhood.
JJ talks about experiencing a period of severe depression following his mother's death.


  • Maria Jaramillo
  • Jesus Jaramillo

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