Marianne Vermeer and Erik Stearns

Recorded June 10, 2023 Archived June 10, 2023 50:04 minutes
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One Small Step Partners Marianne Vermeer (60) and Erik Stearns (51) sit down for a conversation about their life experiences and their passions.

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Erik Stearns and Marianne Vermeer discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
Eric opens up about his life and career as a shaman.
Marianne speaks about her experiences living in Pakistan.
Erik discusses his childhood moving around a lot as a military family.
Marianne talks about her family history and being the child of an immigrant.
Marianne talks more in depth about living abroad.
Erik talks more about his passion for Reiki and mineral healing.
Erik discusses how he discovers the healing abilities of different minerals.
Marianne and Erik discuss their political beliefs.
The conversation wraps up over a discussion of Mariannes world travels.


  • Marianne Vermeer
  • Erik Stearns

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