Mark Wickersham and Lisa Nelson-Haynes

Recorded August 4, 2023 Archived August 4, 2023 50:51 minutes
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One Small Step partners Mark Wickersham (55) and Lisa Nelson-Haynes (58) discuss yoga and mindfulness, the importance of community, and why Americans have lost their ability to have respectful conversations.

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Mark Wickersham and Lisa Nelson-Haynes share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Lisa explains why she considers herself a "connector" and describes an online community she created during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mark and Lisa talk about their experiences with yoga and mindfulness.
Mark describes growing up abroad and why he settled in the United States. Lisa shares her desire to live abroad.
Mark and Lisa talk about their college-age children.
Mark describes the area of law that he practices
Mark and Lisa discuss what they believe are the sources of "rancor" in the United States.
Mark and Lisa describe ways that they find fellowship and community.
Mark and Lisa share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Mark Wickersham
  • Lisa Nelson-Haynes

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