Martika Evans and Ian Gonzalez

Recorded August 10, 2023 Archived August 10, 2023 40:12 minutes
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Martika "Tika" Evans (34) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez (26) about why she chose to join the military, her memories of basic training, and her experience being a mom.

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Martika "Tika" Evans (T) speaks about her love for Oprah and hanging out at the skate park as a kid in Savannah.
T explains she joined the military to do something purposeful in life.
T remembers the challenges of balancing school with the military.
T talks about using her first bonus to buy a mustang.
T reflects on basic training and getting dropped by her "battle buddy".
T talks about going to AIT (advanced individual training) with her best friend and high school sweetheart.
T speaks on becoming a mom and changing her mind about deployment.
T explains the meaning behind her motto "always forward".
T sends a message to her kids.


  • Martika Evans
  • Ian Gonzalez

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Southwest Chatham Library

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