Marty Watkin and Bernard Artabazon

Recorded August 14, 2023 Archived August 14, 2023 50:01 minutes
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One Small Step partners Marty Watkin (62) and Bernard Artabazon (56) have a conversation about the ways in which they formed their political beliefs.

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Bernard Artabazon and Marty Watkin discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Bernard talks about patriotism and what is means to him.
Marty describes her political values and how she picks the political candidate to vote for.
Bernard looks at how politics play a roll in his career and how it shapes his political identity.
Marty brings up her father who has dementia. After learning the Bernard works with dementia patients.
Marty talks about her passion for playing music.
Bernard talks about his experiences being a medium.
Marty looks at the things she loves about her community and her worries over the lack of low income housing.


  • Marty Watkin
  • Bernard Artabazon

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