Mary Absolon Interview

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Mary Absolon, R.N., M.S.N.
Visionary Nurse Leader and Mentor

Dedicated health policy registered nurse executive with accomplishment advancing quality and equity

for Minnesotans through excellence in regulatory systems

 Established Mary Absolon Health Policy Research for Nursing Endowed Fund, St. Catherine
University St. Paul, Minnesota 2022.
 Edina Community Health Commission 2021-present, Chair
The Commission is advisory to the Edina City Council on health needs of Edina residents and serves as
the Community Health Board.
Advanced initiatives related to Stop the Bleed, opioid epidemic prevention, social connectedness, and
racial equity.
 Our Lady of Grace Church, Edina, Minnesota Racial Initiative Co-Founder 2021
Co-founded the Our Lady of Stono initiative to advance racial equity and healing. This was inspired by
the Stono Slave Rebellion of 1739 where leaders of the uprising were cradle Catholics from the Kingdom
of Kongo.
 Minnesota Department of Health, Health Regulation Division Executive Manager Licensing and
Certification Program 1989-2020. Post Retirement Consultant Minnesota Department of Health,
Health Regulation Division 2023-present
Advanced quality of nursing services through state and federal regulation enforcement
Served during COVID pandemic as health regulatory expert to Minnesota State Emergency Operations
Developed health policy, implemented and enforced state and federal health regulations related to
hospitals, rural hospitals, long term care, assisted living, home care, hospice, rural health clinics, dialysis,
laboratories, and nursing assistant registry. Lead promulgation of regulations related to home care,
hospice, nursing home and assisted living. Built strong professional regulatory interdisciplinary team.
Mentored colleagues continuously.
 Nurse Lobbyist Minnesota Nurses Association 1982-1989
Advanced interests of registered nurses related to Agent Orange, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial,
direct insurance reimbursement for advanced practice nurses, nurse health and safety, and home health
care law.
 Masters of Science in Nursing, Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio 1981
Bachelor of Arts in Nursing, St. Catherine University St. Paul, Minnesota 1979
 International and domestic hiker and traveler: Iceland, Europe and United States


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