Mary Broderick Interview

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Mary Broderick has worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ), St. Paul Province, for over 40 years. She joined with Sister Anne Joachim Moore at the founding of St. Mary's Junior College as a nursing professor and later provided lengthy service as academic dean. When the two-year college merged with what was then named the College of St. Catherine, Broderick was named vice president of the Minneapolis campus and subsequently served as interim president of the College of St. Catherine, now St. Catherine University.
Broderick currently works on the cirriculum projects in the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health at St. Catherine University. Her areas of focus include theory and practice in health professions education, organizational and social systems, community organiztion, holistic healthcare, gerontology, and clinical reasoning. In addition, Broderick's husband, Frank, volunteered for years with the CSJ St. Joseph Worker Program and CSJ Dwelling in the woods, where he planted over 3,500 pine trees.
In other professional roles, Broderick was president and CEO of Catholic Eldercare, a community-based senior services organization in Northeast Minneapolis. She also served and provided leadership on many boards, including the Metropolitan Visiting Nurse Agency, Health Partners Medical Education Institute, the University of Minnesota School of Nursing Foundation, and the Gerontological Society of Minnesota.


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