Mary Ellen Kalinowski-Diehl and Mitch Stoller

Recorded May 15, 2023 Archived May 15, 2023 49:40 minutes
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One Small Step partners Mary Ellen Kalinowski-Diehl (68) and Mitch Stoller (69) take time to share their perspectives on religion, philanthropy, and the rise of anti-semitism.

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Mary Ellen Kalinowski-Diehl (MEKD) shares how the 2022 Buffalo shooting motivated her to sign up for a One Small Step conversation.
MEKD explains why she did not vote for Trump again in the 2020 presidential election.
Mitch Stoller (MS) shares his concerns with the ways that elections force polarization.
The pair shares how they seek information in the age of biased reporting and storytelling.
MEKD and MS talk about how politics have penetrated their respective family discourses.
MS shares his 35-year journey in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector.
MEKD shares her experience of “cradle catholicism.”
The pair discuss their perspectives about the rise of anti-semitism.
MEKD and MS discuss the decline in attendance for their respective religious communities.


  • Mary Ellen Kalinowski-Diehl
  • Mitch Stoller

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