Mary Rechner and Jessica Rechner

Recorded June 30, 2023 Archived June 30, 2023 39:34 minutes
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Sisters Mary Rechner (55) and Jessica Rechner (53) discuss how migration or staying home has influenced their respective lives. They also discuss their artistic careers, starting families and potential regrets.

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Jessica (J) asks Mary (M) about getting and leaving New York. M left for college in PA, then NM and VT, and started a family in OR. She talks about what she learned and how she changed at each place.
M talks about the emotional impact of leaving home, both positive and negative. J shares that she doesn't see herself leaving NY and explores potential regrets in that thinking.
J talks about starting a family and the kind of emotional migration that creates. She talks about having biracial children and how that's changed her thinking.
M talks about her son moving to Louisiana and the mixed emotions of having a child move away, but being ultimately happy for him that he gets to share an experience she had in her youth.
J shares her new artistic expansion away from just singing and into craft-making and how its helped her challenge some notions she's had about creating art.


  • Mary Rechner
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