Mattias Mercado and Cameron Hart

Recorded September 23, 2021 Archived September 23, 2021 41:52 minutes
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Cameron Hart (19) and her One Small Step partner, Mattias Mercado (19), discuss their thoughts on gun violence, police brutality, the Trump administration and more.

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CH and MM share what social issue they are passionate about. CH focuses on black social issues, disability rights and MM noting their focus on second amendment rights.
MM and CH explain their parent's influence on their politics. MM mother, who is a social worker, has influenced his republican beliefs whereas CH was surround by liberals.
MM questions CH, as a black disabled woman, their thoughts on police brutality.
MM and CH share their criticism on those who seem to align with their beliefs.
CH and MM gives their opinion on the Trump administration.


  • Mattias Mercado
  • Cameron Hart

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